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Directed by Jonathan Levine, staring Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Analeigh Tipton, RobCorddry, Dave France and John Malkovich.

Zombies have been very popular as of late, whether it be films, tv or comics they apear to be everywhere with World War Z coming out soon. This is a Zombie story with a twist, it’s a romantic Comedy. The Apocalypse has happened, we are not told how or when but it has, which makes for a nice change of pace that we are not subjected to viewing another decline in society but it has already happened and we don’t need to focus on why.

A group of young adults are sent into the barren world, those not infected are living behind huge walls and are kept safe, in order to find medical supplies needed for the people. They get attacked by Zombies and weirdly the romance begins there.

Though I did not find it as funny as I though I would it still has it’s merit. Particulary in the young Nicholas Hoult who makes this film, without him it would be nothing and I can’t really imagine anyone else playing the role nearly as well. Nearly the entire film is from his perspective  with nice voice over work of what he is thinking which are well timed and funny, indeed the film needed more of these moments. He plays a zombie incredibly well and the idea, which is not a spoiler, is that the love he feels for Teresa Palmer’s character is giving him more mobility and speech as he is reverting back to humanity slowly.

The start of the film with Nicholas wandering through the world and his thoughts on how his life is going is really good, my issue it the middle part of this film which just feels incredibly slow. As I have seen my fair share of Zombie films I’m used to a more fast passed action induced thriller of a ride. So I can see why those who havent seen them would like this, yes there are some more literal gut wrenching moments, but those not used to the speed of a normal zombie film might like this film more.

OVERALL*** It’s a film with Merit and an outstanding performance by Nicholas Hoult who manages to go without blinking for a long time. The issue I had was the pace of the film but as I say maybe I am just used to the faster paced zombie film like Zombieland, 24 days later and Shawn of the Dead.