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Directed by Ruben Fleischer, staring Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Sean Penn, Josh Brolin. The film looks 1949 when a crew of officers is put together to try and bring down the Gangster Boss by by Sean Penn.

This film had the potential to be huge, to turn into a classic Gangster Mob film, it has the cast with a huge amount oftalent with Gosling  Penn, Stone and Brolin as well as many other names. I am personally a big big fan of these type of movies, my favourite being the Godfather. The whole era that this is based in, has such a huge pool of style and class which is used in the film very well.

The script is good, but because of the films main down fall it suffers. The main down fall of this film is the plot. This could have used the talent it had to create something special instead it feels like every recycled film connected to this genre. It’s very predictable if you have seen enough films and plots you can really easily guess what going to happen. This is of course a massive shame with the trailer looking amazing, the cast superb and some of the camera work is done particularly well if just not enough.

lookingat each member of the casts past, they all go with good interesting projects, so why they felt the need to do this I don’t know.

It starts of well, good strong start and gets us interested and without giving away any plot details themselves, about half way through it just become so boring and predictable.

One way to some up the film would be describing it as The Untouchables slower cousin. It feels like the untouchables quite a lot when watching it, a group of men put together to stop something bad from continuing to contaminate . It’s very frustrating to use all this talent for nothing. All these parts are far to easy for everyone in the cast.

One nice touch which I was not expecting with the film is the brutality of it. They make not expensive of hiding any of the violence in the film which was a nice surprise and added a bit of extra flavour to this dull film.

What should have been focused on more were the strengthsin this. Firstly Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, they have amazing chemistry which we know from watching crazy stupid love. We know they work very well together and yet they were hardly given any screen time together, no time to develop and stir the film away from the predictable plot outline.

Now one thing to note is Sean Penn, he is very good as the angry ex boxer here and is worth a watch.

OVERALL*** It’s good, it’s fun but it’s biggest weakness is it’s plot. Would I recommend this, if your in the mood for it then yes, if not then watch American Gangster it’s better.