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Directed by Christopher McQuarrie and staring Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike, Richard Jenkins and Jai Courtney. The story follows Jack Reacher an investigator looks deeper into an inccent involving an army sniper and five random victims.

Jack Reacher is film based off a popular book with the same title by Lee Child. I have never read this book so I’m unfamiliar with the character from the story however I am aware of some of the troubles people had with this film and it’s casting. This book is very popular hence it’s transformation into a big budget film. As I understand it in the books Jack Reacher is a large man, built and coming in at around 6ft 2 or more blonde hair and plenty of scars and not a great driver but an excellent runner, so they cast Tom Cruise who is famously short. I now understand the out cry people had when he was cast, even more so after seeing the trailer and Cruise in a car driving with a certain degree of skill.

I plan on soon going to the books to read them as I know they are very successful  I am hoping they are a great deal better then the film.  The film is average at best, a handful of good scenes with the plot being responably clever, the action being fun. It just never reaches a higher level and Cruise is just Cruise.

Having seen the film and then gone online to look at a description of Jack Reacher, I cannot understand why they cast Cruise when Jai Courtney is in the film as one of the bad guys. Grow his hair out a bit and he is nearly the exact description of Jack Reacher, tall and built. Like most films of this nature there comes the show down, however Tom Cruise coming in at 5ft 7 and Jai coming in at 6ft. The actual showdown starts intresting then become very weak and flat.

The car scenes and gun scenes are fun to watch, the plot tries to be good but isn’t allowed and I hope the books plot is a lot better. The rest is Cruise just being Cruise and that grows tiresome after a while when some one else should have been cast, clearly they realised Cruise brings in money and this film might not make a lot, with his name on the poster it will get attention. Shame really because the rest of the cast is very good just now allowed growth under Cruise’s tiny shadow.

One of the really frustrating parts of this film is the one female role, it’s a good role it’s clever and well written but with only see a short moment of this. The rest of the time she is forced to adore and be amazed by Cruise who is not even that good with his speechs that make you want to slap him.

** the only things that stayed with me after watching this was Jai Courtney, Pike and Jenkins. Would I recommend this ? No just go read the books I’m sure they are much better, even as a fun film it’s repetitive.  I give it two because Pike, Jenkins and Courtney are good.