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Directed by David O. Russell and staring Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro, the story follows to people mentally damaged by  previous events and their  integration back with their families, society and how they cope with getting to know each other.

This film was given a smattering of awards and prestigious accomplishments, Cooper was nominated for best Leading actor at the oscars and the film was given nominations as well to David O.Russell for directing, for the screen play and to Jennifer Lawrence for best Actress. She would later go on to win her Oscar for best actress and would be one of the best highlights for this years Oscars.

In terms of History, there is a past between Cooper and De Niro, De Niro visited and gave a talk at the  actors studio and was asked a question by a young Cooper who says De Niro was his inspiration for becoming an actor. They have worked together previously with Limitless and continue to work together. Their chemistry throughout the film is electric and you can understand why when you know the past, it is almost like the teacher teaching his student in the way of the craft and what better a teacher than De Niro.

Jennifer Lawrence herself is impressive, with one scene in particular I feel being the tipping point that won her that oscar. She portrays a woman recently having lost her husband and is being helped to come to terms with it by her friends, for an oscar winner she is very young which only means that she will improve in time. Watching her performance you can see so much potential not yet used with is unusual today but special.

Cooper himself gives his best performance to date, we have seen him do comedy and we have seen him become the stylish lead man. Now we see him as every other guy and he portrays his mental breakdown of his character so incredibly well, he may have lost out on the oscar this year however he himself is also very young and I can see him winning one if not several down the line. Clearly he is taking every word of wisdom that De Niro whispers in his ear because since working with the great man his acting has improved massively. De Niro himself reminds us all how good an actor he is.

I found the plot is dark but beautiful, and though it is a simple plot, you are watching for the relationships between the characters. How they react and how they deal with this subject. What I found interesting was because they played the roles so well you were allowed to see that no one is complelty sane, everyone has that one issue to deal with, they are just better at hiding them or keeping them under control to an extent. There are a lot of moments when you can not help but laugh. For me making some one laugh when they are watching a film alone is a harder task to deal with then when you are with a group, I laughed aloud several times.

OVERALL***** A beautiful film, filmed uniquely and showing off all it’s talent in the brightest light, in the best silver lining.