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Both direct and staring Ben Affleck, Argo is a true life story about the 1980 CIA and Canadian secret service to extract six fugitive American Diplomats out of Iran. Staring, Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston, John Goodman and  Alan Arkin.

Argo was both nominated and then won the oscar for best motion picture this year and it is clear why that was the case. Argo is based on real life events and they do an incredibly good job of making it as exact to what happened as they possibly could, Affleck has done a fantastic job with this piece.

This dark comic film creates enough tention that you might injure yourself screaming for them to just leave and hope they escape. Affleck is in a lot of shots as an actor but this does not take away from his performance either behind or in front of the camera.

When you see the trailers for this film, you see one level to it, when you watch it you are amazed at just how good it really is. The cast is excellent even for those small parts not once do you doubt the six American’s total fear at what could happen to them. The plan, to assemble them into being a film crew location hunting for a Sci-Fi film called Argo.

As for Affleck himself, he had a promising start to career, with Good Wil Hunting. However it seemed to circle forever downwards with critics and fans throwing abuse at him. In his Oscar speech he says, “you will get knocked down every day, but what matters  is how you get up again”. In the last few years with Gone Baby Gone and The Town, Affleck is standing mighty high. I am very much look forward to the next project he delivers to us.

OVERALL ***** I have no complants about this film, it is well scripted, directed and produced, it leaves no doubt in my mind why this was given the oscar it deserves.