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Directed by Quentin Tarantino, staring Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson and Tarantino himself. The film follows Jamie Foxx, i.E Django as he is unchained by Waltz and they both set upon a journey of bounty hunting and finding Django’s wife.

The lastest instalment from Tarantino and it does not disappoint  those who are fans of his bigger succeses such as Pulp Fiction, Inglorious Basterds and many more which very much enjoy this installent of his work.

The plot it’s self is excellent and it needs to be as this is a 165 minute long film, so we need to be kept interested  If you are a fan of the old western cowboy films then you will find solace and entertainment in this, it is incredibility clever and very well written.

There are no overly long landscape shots as most of them are kept to 20 seconds with a fabulous soundtrack which you will feel the need to buy and listen to again in order to relief the last few hours you have just enjoyed.

In terms of the cast, this is some people’s best performances I have ever seen, Foxx is simply amazing and well deserved  He is a man who has been working hard for many a year in the business and never, I felt getting the praise nor credit he deserves. He delivers in amazing form for Django, he plays every scene right and his chemistry is with Waltz is simply a pleasure to watch.

As for Mr Waltz himself, we saw him in Inglorious bastards as the cold hearted Nazi. Here he plays the warm hearted Bounty hunter and really is he just amazing. His chemistry with Foxx is just perfect, not too much and not too little. He is a fantastic character with one of the best scripts of the film, this would be his performance I have seen. His work with Foxx is really a joyous thing to watch.

Now in recent years one man has made many a good film, however I felt he was partly putting enthuses into the same points and his acting style did not change from film to film. In Django unchained he reminds us all how damn good of an actor he actually is, DiCaprio is flawless in this. He plays his part so well it is a damn crying shame that he has not picked up more awards because I haven’t seen him perform this well in years and he has made some pretty damn good films. Watch him in this I happily take back any negative thoughts or comments I have said about his acting, he is just that good here.

The Music is quite something, blending a mix of western cowboy music with Hip Hop it creates a soundtrack perfectly suiting this film and there keeps you rooted in your seat throughout. I dare you to not want to buy the soundtrack after you have seen this film.

Samuel L. Jackson must not be forgotten about because his performance is something we have not seen from him in a long time. We are used to seeing him in the action seat guns blazing, in this we see him as an elderly man. Which can be overly played but he touches it just right so he is both believed and you yourself are wishing for another pair of eyes every-time DiCaprio and Jackson are on screen together as you do not want to miss a thing.

I could talk about this film for pages upon pages, however I might say a spoiler and ruin the whole thing, go out and watch it and be amazed and entertained.

OVERALL***** I loved this film from start to finish, from the plot to the script then from the music to the skilled actors. This is simply a beautifully made film with so much talent on screen the 165 minutes will feel like nothing. I recommend this to everyone as I will be buying the DVD of this.