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Directed by Olivier Megaton, staring Liam Neeson, Famke Janssen and Maggie Grace. In Taken you may recall a kitchen fight were 12 men were killed as Neeson hunts down his daughter to bring her to safety,  well those men are now being avenged by the same clan and are after Neeson and his family.

Taken was a fun thriller packed with action and intelligence and Neeson navigates a country of 75,000 people to find his daughter. It was originally supposed to be a straight to dvd film with no one expecting it to be a success, however it was surprisingly very good.

Taken 2 is nothing like its predecessor  it is cliched and very conventional  nothing in this film happens without you having seen it coming about an hour before.  There is no intelligent plot simply man after man coming after the family and Neeson just killing everything.

This time around it is the Mother who is taken, her Boyfriend from the first film has gone, gone after she has split up from him, already there is the rekindling of the relationship between Neeson and Janssen.

There is one quite good moment when Neeson is tied up and is trying to work out how to escape, however how no one is left to guard him or listen in as he is very loud escaping is beyond me. Particularly after they all know just how much damage to their clan he created all by himself.

It is all rather conventional and very much a let down, I have read reports that they plan on making Taken 3. If it follows in the steps it is creating then it will be awful, if they go basic to what made the first film great then it stands a chance.

Neeson is good in this but it is a very easy role for him, not so much deep in depth acting we expect from him, just easy action and slightly tense as he tells his daughter to go faster.

One of the many issues I have with this film is the killings, in the first one they were clever, sort of Bourne but older. In Taken 2 as long as you are foreign Neeson feels the need to try and shoot to kill. If anything he really needs to be careful, Neeson can act but is in danger of getting dumbed down roles that are far too easy for him. He maybe 60 and has proven how good he is at action but we know how truly talented he can when you look back at his work.

As far as car chases go, this is one of the worst ones I have seen, there is nothing new to it and Neeson shouting “faster Kim” every 5 seconds is beyond annoying, just let the girl drive and shoot something.

OVERALL** It has it’s moments of being interesting but I would not recommend this, if like me you are a fan of the first one you will be very much let down by it all.