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Directed by Rian Johnson and staring Joseph Gordon-Lewitt, Emily Blunt and Bruce Willis. The story looks at time travel, where a government agency is sending people back 30 years to be executed by a group of people called loopers. However unknown to the loopers, their future is being ripped apart by the rainmaker.

When dealing with a subject as complicated at time travel it is easy to make one mistake and have the entire premise destroyed by one slip up, however for a film not based upon a book and purely going by the directers point of view they manage it incredably well.

The three main stars of this film, Gordon-Levitt, Willis and Blunt are just amazing, particluary Gordon-Lewitt who nearly steals this entire film. This has been a very good year for the man and he is showing no signs of slowing down. The make up is fantastic making him look very good for a young Willis and his acting is fantastic.

The plot its self is incredably well thought through and clever, making you both pay attention and become immerised with the time travel rather then question it. Willis himself is always on form and the two work together well on screen.

Emily Blunt is very much unrecognisable as a woman living on a farm with her son, there are no weak performances at all, with the plot keeping you guessing. Even the boy playing her son is just mesmerising.

The CGI is very well done, it is not cheap nor over done to simply be there because it is CGI and looks interesting, it is done to make a point and one which it delivers well.

What makes this different so many time travel films we have seen is that it picks up on the small details, everything you could think of in a minor scale which would make a difference to the characters happens. From Willis scaring himself to it appearing on Lewitt’s arm, it is those small things which make this film fantastic.

Even the design of the future is beautiful, with influences clearly coming from Blade Runner and so on, it is simply just really thought through carefully and really well done.

OVERALL***** I can not find a flaw in this film, the plot is superb and the cast is just fantastic with strong performances from everyone, easily one of the best films of 2012.