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Directed by Tony Gilroy, starring Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton.

The story is an expansion from the Bourne universe we already know, expect this time from the view of another solider, Aaron Cross. Cross has all his memories intact, however the new programe insists that the soliders take a blue and pink pill every couple of hours as it gives them improved healing, speed and strength.  Cross realises that the company is being shut down, however he manages to evade them but is running out of pills, he then seeks out and finds Weiz’s character who works in the labs.

This film is disappointing, however its weaknesses do not fall apon Renner or Norton who are both very good. Renner I think proves himself as the leading man. Weisz leaves a lot to be desired for and im never completely taken in by her character.

One of the most annoying and bigger problems is the constant references back to Jason Bourne, yes it was a clever technique for the previous films because we had knowledge and trust that these were good. Constantly referencing the previous films simply makes me want to go back and watch Matt Damon. This does not help Renner who though good, is constantly being compared to the other films and Damon which was going to happen but we didn’t need to see it in quite so much detail in this film.

The plot feel rushed and forced particulary when Weiz and Renner finally do meet and share their journey. Indeed Renner on his own is excellent and a better film would be have been made of Renner and Norton battling together.

What is a disspointment is that there is only one flash back scene for Norton and Renner with nothing else to show for it. I was looking forward to seeing the two of them working more together.

There should have been a lot more from Renner’s back ground which is very intresting, it just falls apart. It has some very nicely done scenes, but as I say nearlly everything good is on Renner, Norton and the scenes they have. Weiz never does anything for me and I feel no connection to her. Renner easily steals the show and for me is the entire joy of it which is great.

OVERALL *** Simply for Renner who is excellent considering hes against Damon and the in depth peronal hisotry and investigation we go through in three films. However it is nothing compard to the first three though still worth a watch, I would recomend this but only because of Renner and Norton but mainly Renner.