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Directed by Adam Shankman, staring Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta, Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand and Tom Cruise, the story follows a small tow girl with a love of rock music, who moves out into the big city of Hollywood. There she meets a boy and it’s looking primarily at their journey together, while looking at some other side line stories.

This is a rock musical, so anyone who is a fan of 70’s or 80’s rock  you will enjoy this purely on the music alone. The story of the boy meets girl is slightly predictable but it’s a nice story and easy to watch. Very much linked to older romantic films and on that ground alone it’s an enjoyable film.

What really drives this film forward is the music and some of the sub plots, such of Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand. Now when watching this you may feel a little confused as to why Russell Brand has a Liverpudlian accent, however it’s clearly a link to Britain with the rise of the Beatles. The only problem I had with the accent it’s self is continuity, he does the job very well however there are occasions when he loses it and you will notice.  However he does take a little while to arrive at his accent, with jumps to London and possibly a bit of Welsh thrown in for good measure.

My biggest problem with this film was Tom Cruise, though I did like how he was dressed and even how he sang, he over played the part in  quite a few scenes. Particularly near the start with his interview with rolling stones, to talking with Alec Baldwin. He was too much and quite boring to watch after a while. It is hard to tell whether you adjust to his presence on-screen or he simply tones it down but after you have seen his first act the second and third are much improved. However I do think he’s possibly channelling Axel Rose which at first you don’t quite understand but when you see him in bandana with his shirt off and glasses, you think Rose and it makes sense.

One man who has a small role but seems to be everywhere and those who are fans of the Breaking Bad series will notice Mr Bryan Cranson who is incredibly funny and I wish he had more of a part to play.

One issue with these film is you will have one or two actors try to sing. I use the word try very clearly here, not Brosnan in Mama Mia and so on. When you let yourself go and just have fun watching this, this is all the film is just fun and entertainment.

Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand together work surprising well. They chemistry is excellent and something I would never have expected.

Of course as this is a Rock Musical with some of the biggest rock songs of all time you will have numerous cameos, however I will not say a single one. Just see if you can spot the rock star.

OVERALL*** It’s a good film with a lot of fun and good music. It’s entertainment.