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Directed by Sam Mendes and starring, Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Dame Jude Dench, Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw and Ralph Fiennes. This time it’s M’s past that comes back to haunt her, Bond’s trust is tested with her and MI5 comes under attack.

This is Craig’s third outing as Bond, we were first introduced to him in the classic Casino Royale. This is considered a master piece and set Craig off on the best possible footing he could have hoped for. What followed  was Quantum of Solace, a film which felt more Bourne then Bond and just lacked the beauty and thrill we come to expect with Bond.

The pressure was high to deliver particularly as it marks the date of 50 years of bond. However it delivers and in high standards. Firstly the bond villain played by Javier Bardem is exceptional  you can trust in Bardem to deliver you one seriously good bad guy. He’s psychotic but brilliant, driven and capable of sending shivers down your spine. He tops the two previous villains with ease.

Dame Jude Dench returns for her role as M, this time there is a much closer relationship between her and Bond, more along the lines of what we saw in Casino Royale but closer. As always you can not fault her as M, we love her, her relationship with Bond and all she brings to the film.

In Fact the whole film feels to me like a massive reboot after Solace, due to the 50 year anniversary there is a tide of references and materials dating back to nearly all the Bonds, which true gives it a magnificent feeling. Particularly for long running fans.

Niomie Harris is excellent, in fact not since Halle Berry have we see a Bond girl be able to look after herself so well. Really good to see.

Without giving any spoilers when talking on this area of the film, the plot I will simply say is brilliant, the only criticism I would have is nearly every location is shown in the promotion for the film through pictures or clips. I think the case of a little bit of over exposure was used. However this does not take anything from the films nor the plot which is fantastic.

Daniel Craig once again shows us and any people losing the faith that he can bring Bond to his A game. He’s stylish  bigger and better then we have yet to see him and this is a whole knew side to Bond I feel. Maybe because of Craig having previously work with Mendes and because it’s the third outing but there is something different and stronger in this outing.  Can not fault him at all, if indeed any of the cast, from Ralph Fiennes as Mallory to Whishaw as Q.

I would love to write pages and pages in deeper contextual analysis of this film but I don’t want to accidentally reveal anything.

The locations are beautiful if man made or made by the studio, the clothes are simply amazing to look at and everything Bond wears you just want.

Also Last but not least the opening credits are a famous Bond attribute we the selected singers or singers performing for the film. This time is Adele with Skyfall, simply outstanding and very suiting to Bond after the last disaster for Solace, not to mention an amazing animation to open the film. This is true Bond back to being Golden.

***** The word that comes to mind is pure class and excellence for Bond, Skyfall is one , if not the best Bond we have seen. From start to finish it’s mesmerising and as soon as it finishes, you want back in for round 2, then 3.