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Directed by Tim Burton, starring Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Eva Green, Helena Bonham Carter and Chloe Grace Moretz. The plot follows Barnabas Collins who has been turned into a vampire and locked away for two centuries by a woman he refuses to love as his heart belongs to some one else.

The potential for this film was huge, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp working together again with Helena Bonham carter who seem to deliver a rare unusual  entertaining piece of cinema nearly every time the collaborate. Even some of the best trios in film have their miss judgements. This is one of them.

Originally a Tv show long since ended but always a favourite in the eyes of Johnny Depp and TIm Burton and it’s clear just why this was the case. The whole film is truly weird but in the best possible sense. No family member is normal each have their own hidden story waiting to be told, which is a nice touch. However this film lacks any kind of flair or feeling of a journey or voyage that you normally get from the trio. As this could not be any more in their territory, you wonder what went wrong.

In terms of humor, it’s all derived from Johnny Depp’s character, who after two centuries of being trapped in a coffin finds himself surrounded by the 70’s. TVs, cars and Alice Cooper. This does get old after the first hour. What your left with just feels repetitive.

There is nothing wrong with the cast themselves, simply look at the names and the talent is all there just not being used to great effect. The problem with this film is the script, it simply fails to deliver what we expect from this kind of talent.

Indeed Eva Green’s character does not show her humorous side until near the end of the film, by which point you are feeling very bored. A shame, as I say there is so much talent your almost screaming at the screen to make them do something to save this.

OVERALL ** For the cast and plot, the biggest let down is the script which ruins the film. Indeed your better off just watching the trailer for the best parts and for the die-hard fans then go straight ahead.