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Directed by Ridley Scott and starring Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron,  Logan Marshall-Green, Michael Fassbender, Guy Pierce and Idris Elba. Prometheus is a prequel to the famous Alien film originally made by Ridley Scott before they changed director and tone of the films. This is a look into the first team arriving on the planet after they discover what they believe to be the keys to the creation of the human race.

There are two different ways of looking at this film, the first is purely a stand alone film with no connection to Alien at all. From this point of view it’s an excellent film in terms of the plot, its gripping, tense and full of elements that people who haven’t seen alien won’t have seen before.

However as a prequel I could not help but feel frustrated and disappointed with the plot. Yes there are a lot of famous references to the first film, in terms of the space jockey, that famous scene of the ship and the question of how it got there.

Though it does answer a few questions which I won’t say as there are no spoilers on this blog. It then brought up loads of new questions amongst the unanswered ones which just caused frustration and annoyance to me.

As well as a few scenes which don’t seem to make any sense, im talking about a scene where certain things are falling down, also another scene involving Noomi Rapace which went from pushing the boundaries of logic to just throwing them out the window.

Frusting plot aside, visually I loved this film, nothing looked cheap and everything was done to the best detail. I have little to no complaints about it.

The strongest point of this entire film is the cast and script. Both of which are amazing, however the key character to shine was of course Mr Fassbenber who just steals every scene he is in. To say he is amazing in this is an understatement and its almost worth seeing the film just for him, the promos and viral videos they realised where he is in character give you a hint of how good he is but nothing compared to the actual film.

Charlize Theron is also very good but then again so are the rest of the cast, with no weak performances its the cast and set which really move this film forward against a struggling plot at moments.

OVERALL *** The cast, amazing, script very good, the set is beautiful, the plot is struggling under the weight of not answering enough questions before bringing in a new load. However I would recommend this.