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Directed by Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, staring Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Chris Klein, Tomas Ian Nicholas, Tara Reid, Sean William Scott, Eddie Kaye Thomas and Eugene Levy. The gang is back this time for their High School reunion.

All the orignal cast is back for this one, including those minor characters who appeared in the series connected with this cast. More crude balls jokes and essentially American Pie doing what it does best. Though baring the last half hour no new material is brought into the mix, Instead it’s a process of recycling old jokes and material. Such as a grandparent would do when tell a story.

Each of the guys have gone off into the real world, some have grown up and some havent but the main point is non of their lives have gone in the way they intended. Is this good enough to set on the mantle along the other in the series ? not really no. You spend the first hour enjoying old times and jokes of the guys getting caught in awkward places and so on then followed by brand new material then it would have been better. What we get instead is merely the contents of the recycle bin emptied and made into another film.

Granted this is a funny film where you will laugh if you’re a fan of the series, just the overwhelming feeling of seeing it all before haunts every scene.

The character’s themselves havent developed much, it’s still the gang getting into bad situations normally led by stiffer, so on that front they didn’t change the ingredients. However this is very clearly the guys film with the woman having no plot of their own nor doing much on their own, you would be hard pressed to find a scene of just the girls have more than a 10 second chat about anything other than the guys.

The real humor comes in the last 30 minutes where finally all new material is used and its of the class we expect from American Pie. Now no spoilers here but its clear this won’t be the last film in the series nor the last time we see these characters.

Normally with each film there are a few things which become well known and are joked about from the pie, to the grandmother being killed, with this I can only think of one joke which will be a highlight which is a shame.

The performance of this film easily goes to Eugene Levy who is easily the funniest man in this film even when being serious you can’t help but laugh.

OVERALL *** It’s a true American Pie film, only because it’s not using any new jokes or material until the last half an hour. If you’re a fan of the series then yes I’d recommend it. If you’ve never watched it before then you won’t get a lot of the cameos or jokes mentioned.