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Directed by James Mather and Stephen St.Leger, staring Guy Pierce , Maggie Grace and Joseph Gilgun. Lockout is the story of a high stakes prison based in space, keeping thousands of crimminals in a coma which they serve for their sentence, until of course the President’s daughter takes umbridge to this. She is escourted to the prison to interview the cellmates and of course everything goes horribly wrong, causing the government to send Guy pierce a convinct to try and save her.

First let me say , I have been absent from this blog for a number of weeks this is course due to the amazing Olympics my country just held, also no good dvds have been released until this week because of the aforementioned.

Now Guy Pierce is without a doubt the best thing in this film, any scene without him, or may i add mr Gilgun is simply not worth watching. Judging from the trailer it did look like a self depricating film design to make fun of both it’s self and all the hundreds of other films which follow this same plot line.

Guy Pierce is excellent in this , though this seems to be a very easy role for him, yes he’s bulked up for this role so he does look very different. His comedic air is a very strong force for this film of which there are very little.

Maggie Grace is a good actress, however her character here is just so weak, she takes umbridge against her dad, she then is rescued and dislikes her hero, but by the end she’s on his side complelty. Not only have we seen this a hundred times it’s just frankly boring and she adds nothing fresh to it. Not to mention her security gaurds seem to be very poorly trained, being goeded by an inmate to cause him to lose his gun and set events in motion. Somewhere along the line in the next 30 years training for the President’s secrity seems to have become some what lapse in judgement.

Joseph Gilgum who places one of the inmates, is very good, though he does need to stretch his range from the phscotic characters i’ve seen him play so far, though he is very good at them. Indeed its a shame Pierce and Gilgum don’t get any scenes together.

What does strike me as being strange in this film is the CGI, the space station it’s self is very nicely done, looks real, no cheap CGI used there. However in the opening of the film , seeing Guy Pierce running from the cops on a bike. The CGI to put it blunty here is just awful, it screams cheap and screams that they used the budget purely in space and hoped no one would notice.


Two stars only for Guy Pierce and Joseph Gilgun who are the soul of this film, the action, Pierce’s comedy and both their performances are the only driving force of good in this thing.