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Directed Peter Berg, staring Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard, Rihanna, Liam Neeson and Brooklyn Decker. The story follows Alex Hopper played by Taylor Kitsch, Hopper is a man going nowhere, he has hit rock bottom and now his life is affecting his brother’s job in the marines, so his brother played by Skarsgard forces him to join the Marines. Meanwhile scientists have sent a signal to a nearby planet whose environment appears to be similar to us, naturally they invade us.

It was always going to be tricky adapting a board game into a huge blockbuster film, does it make it ? we shall see.

This film is flawed, but it’s weaknesses do not lie in the cast ¬†for the most part, though the trailer is slightly misleading. Liam Neeson appears at most for about five to ten minutes in this whole film , the trailer suggests otherwise. However it’s a solid 10 minutes for the actor.

Taylor Kitsch is very good in this, given his script and the plot he actually manages to make something of this, I’ve heard him say in an interview that Battleship is simply a popcorn film, it’s a bit of fun to watch on a friday and saturday night. Having seen this I can agree with him, if you go into this as a serious wartime film then you will be let down, if you go into this not expecting much but a bit of a fun distraction then it’s not too bad.

Rihanna plays a Marine and for her first big role in a film, its hard to tell why they choose her other than hype and to give the film some publicity, from the moment she said her first line her character crumples. I saw this not as a hard and toned Marine but as Rihanna trying to make it into the acting world. I can say happily that she failed.

Brooklyn Decker is, to put it bluntly, the eye candy. She is there to be the love interest and to be Neeson’s daughter though manages to not get kidnapped by the aliens. Her role is not big other than insisting that Kitsch’s character speak to her father about marriage.

Now the plot, to begin with its openly silly and a tad annoying with Kitsch getting in trouble with the police and setting things in motion. However this thankfully does not last long and soon we are brought into the marine’s. There is no clear indication of how much time has passed, however somehow Kitsch has risen and quite fast in the ranks, he is now the head of his unit, this surely would take years to get that far, but with these films no time like the present.

One scene which is questionable is the football scene, they are all taking part in the Marine training, regiments from all other the world have come to greet and train with each other. Now the football it’s self I have no issue with, what I do take umbridge with is the use of the overhead kick. For those of you reading who are American but may not have watched that much football. An overhead kick is very rare, in fact I believe im right in saying in the last 3 to 4 years we have the seen a grand total of one overhead kick. Why then does every american film portray this move as a crucial skill to win the match, large flaw.

Now the comparisons for transformers and Battleship have been huge and are actually justified, there are many scenes where we are looking at the machines changing or fighting or causing destruction and only when Kitsch’s face appears do we have to remind ourselves were not watching transformers.

Now sticking to true to the orgins of the film, there is a scene where they are essentially playing Battleship with Aliens, all it needed was some one to shout. You sunk my Battleship.

OVERALL*** It’s simply a bit of fun once it gets going, Kitsch is a strong lead role and handles himself well, Neeson should have been in this more and Skarsgard is nothing more then a catalyst or prompt for Kitsch. I’d recommend this as a rental for a bit of fun.