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Directed by Chris Nolan, staring Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Joseph gorden-Lewitt, Gary Oldman, Marion Cotillard and  Morgan Freeman.

Firstly let me acknowledge and show my sadness for the tragedy that occurred at the midnight screening of DNR, it is a horrible state of affairs when any one person is killed let alone 15 dead and another 30 or so injured. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the effected as I’m sure anyone who knows this story or has a connection to it is doing the same.

Before reading any further, let me state clearly now that as is the rule of my blog THERE ARE NO, I repeat NO spoilers in this review so please read on without fear or trepidation.

This is Chris Nolan’s last outing into the world of batman, concluding his three-part trilogy which for me has been the best series of films I have seen. The Pressure was on for the DNR to see if success could be delivered again.

This this is magnificent to say that least. It’s smart, it draws from the right source materials in the comics. The cast is spotless , the plot mind bending and it makes you pay attention if you weren’t already.

The start of this film follows on eight years from the second, Bruce is badly injured from his years of being Batman , however its been 8 years of peace and tranquility for the most part so Batman is not needed.

Bale is once against the perfect Batman, blending a clever mix of pain but with determination. He isn’t wallowing in self-pity and anguishing over his life, well not to the point that makes you want to slap him. He balances everything perfectly throughout the film and knows now exactly what he is doing.

Then along comes Anne Hathaway, those of you who thought she would not be up to the job are shown how wrong you are. She’s not only good, she’s just fantastic as the cat woman though she is never directly called this just hinted at which is a nice touch. This for me is her best performance to date. More things are drawn from the comics then you would expect , except no bloody cats howling thank god.

So along comes the big powerful Bain, Bain is played by Tom Hardy and man is he good. Now when the first trailer came out and we heard Bain’s voice for the first time A lot of people had issues with it. Saying they couldn’t understand him, I have say it wasn’t that clear. Though now in its final version it is clear what he is saying, Tom Hardy plays the villain incredibly. No I’m not going to compare him to Ledger’s Joker as it’s an entirely different approach to a character and for good reason. Bain is muscle , powerful and equal to Batman. In fact Hardy in his own right is fantastic.

Now one person who really stuck out for me throughout and I have to admit I was not expecting him to have as big a role as he did was Joseph Gordon-lewitt. Those of you who are fans of the actor, and I count myself among them, will be mesmerized by him. Granted he has a few films coming out this year, however this is the best I have seen him. He play’s Blake a cop who believes in Batman and is quickly recruited by Gordon to be on his team. Lewitt carries his own very well against everyone and is a Joy to watch.

I won’t go into every character as there are a lot, no bad thing, just say there is no quick act or  person at all. Yes there is a lot to take in with this, if you’re a fan of the comics  or the first two films then you will be delighted with this.

It’s a film where you never get bored and where there is so much to take in a pay attention to.

I would say if you haven’t watched the first two films then you really should, there is a lot of back story relaying to Batman begins, which if you havent seen it you might not get all the little hints and sub plots.

There is a lot more I would love to say on this, however I don’t want to acciendtly reveal somthing or spoil it, however Caine is more present in this film. I won’t say more.

I can’t pick out specific scenes as I don’t want to tak any thing away or spoil it for you. There are a lot of tv cameos for you to look out for including, the wire, stargate and a few others.

OVERALL***** perfect way to end the trilogy and I can find no faults in this films, all I will say is this , may the luck of the Gods be with the next person who has to reboot this.