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Directed by Andrew Stanton and staring Talyor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, willem Dafoe and Dominic West. This follows the story of a man from the civil war-time who is trying to discover the cave of a gold to make his fortunes. However he some how manages to transport to mars and is left to fend for himself on this planet of war and tries to find his way back home.

Firstly the book that this was based on a book which was written before star wars was even an idea so naturally you will see some elements of star wars throughout the film. However what Star Wars and any other fantasy film  do where  there is a whole new world full of new names and places is they gently ease you into it. They take it slow and allow you to catch up and learn these names. In John Carter there is so much information given it’s just impossible to keep up with the pace.

This proves to be problematic for the script as there are certain times when characters are speaking but you have no idea what they are talking about. Indeed its a massive struggle to watch and keep up with all the learning between the new names and languages. What they should have done instead was simply taken a part of the book and used that so that it was gentle ease into this world. Instead by the end of it you just develop a strong headache from all the names, which you must pay attention to in order to follow the plot.

The second biggest problem is the budget, give the current state of affairs that the world is in and given that this is the first film of a potential series there is no chance on earth or mars that the money was going to be worth it in the long run. This film is 90% on Mars and therefore 90% Green screen which in the long run it’s just far to expensive and you can’t really appreciate the size of it unless you watch the film.

If they were trying to make this to rival the Avengers or upcoming Dark Knight Rises here’s where they went wrong. Marvel Has been making mostly amazing films baring one for the past 5 years in build up to the Avengers. So clearly there is going to be excitement and people to see it as we read the comics and watch the films.

The Dark Knight rises has had two previous huge films which are massively succesful, again because of the comics and fans. John Carter has only a series of books which very few people have read.

These are the two main problems of the film and they are quite large ones. However the Cast is excellent, some people say they made a mistake with Taylor Kitsch becoming a fairly unknown lead star of such a huge film. I Disagree as I don’t know anyone would have been able to bring in the money needed to cover costs and besides Kitsch is excellent in this. The whole cast is very strong just outnumbered by the money.

Having said all that there are some very good funny scenes to watch mostly done by Kitsch who should not be knocked for his performance in this.

One Question I would ask if why in one flashback does Kitsch appear to have short hair, did they do reshoots even after Battlefield was made when his head is shaven in the film ?

OVERALL** For the cast alone who are excellent but just never had a chance of covering all that money with as it was just too much information and too much CGI