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Directed by McG and staring Tom hardy, Chris Pine and Reese Witherspoon. The story looks at two CIA operatives as they fight over a girl, comedy ensues.

Now McG as a director or producer is some one you either love or you hate for his work. Personally I have been a fan of most of productions including, the OC, Supernatural and Terminator Salvation. Then you get the ones you wish didn’t exist such as Nikita and Aim High. This Means War falls into the latter category.

So This Means War follows Tom Hardy and Chris Pine as they both battle to win the heart of Witherspoon, which ill be honest as lovely as she may be I would personally step aside and let the other man win.

From a casting point of view you can see why Tom Hardy picked this role, he is without a doubt one of the best actors of his generation and has done some truly amazing films, however they have all been fairly dark and gritty so he wanted to do something a little light-hearted and fun.

Looking at the actual film there are many faults with this, firstly why two high positioned CIA agents are using the CIA’s technology  to spy on each other while on their respective dates Witherspoon. Creating their own teams within the CIA to help with their own love lives and  do not get into trouble or have their boss firing them. Particularly when a Russian Gang leader is trying to kill them. Which had they actually focused on the Russian this film would have been other so much faster.

At the very start of the film it feels like we’ve gone back in time, with the russians and the chinese being the bad guys and the americans rushing in to try to save the day. I say the Americans come in a save the day but Tom Hardy is British and uses his own accent for this film, however my biggest problem with Hardy’s character and this is the only thing as the part is far to easy for himr him, is his name is Tuck a very much American name despite him being British.

Reese Witherspoon’s whole act and office and everything around her baring the boys just feels tacky and a little cheap with the sets made of plastic it seems. She gets annoyed when she discovers that Hardy and Pine know each other, so naturally she storms off despite her having actually started the whole thing by going out with Pine after her first date with Hardy.

One shout out I will give to you, though im not 100% sure on this so don’t take my word. In the scene where Hardy is watching tv and training I do believe the man he is training with is his best friend in real life Peanut, the man who works with Hardy always through his transformations in various films.

I won’t spoil the ending by saying who she picks but from judging everything seen so far in the film I felt it didn’t make sense as a plot ending.

OVERALL ** Those two stars are for Hardy and the various comedic moments he shares with Pine which start well, end well but get lost in the middle thanks to Witherspoon being constantly on edge.