Directed and written by David Wain, staring Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd. The story follows a couple who are buying a small apartment in New York lose both their jobs and are forced to live with Paul Rudd’s brother, however on route to his house they discover a community of people living at one with nature.

Where to begin with this review, normally I’m a fan of both Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston, however Aniston has not made a good film in years and this is just adding to pile of straight to dvd she’s been making. Paul Rudd normally picks them well and adds a descent layer of talent and comedy to them, in this is the best thing.

When you think of a nature community being represented in a film, I would imagine you go through a checklist in your mind. Naked man making win ? circle of truth where everyone ends up stoned ? Or what about animals walking around the house ? well this film has them all. Every stereotype is in this film. There is very little original about it, to the point where is becomes boring and a little embarrassing to watch particularly with Paul Rudd’s 5 minute talk to himself in front of the mirror.

There are no huge twists from this film that you would not expect and those that are there you could see coming from an hour in.

Even Paul Rudd’s brother is hugely over played and acted, you can see where they were thinking of going with him but in the end it just turns into this over the top blown out of proportion piece which doesn’t make you laugh, it actually makes you want to hit him.

However one redeeming feature from this is Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston’s chemistry on-screen. It clear they have known each other for many years and worked together a number of times, this pays off with the two of them.

OVERALL** The chemistry and the one or two moments of comedy make this better but overall it’s not great. IN fact its the one film where if you watch the trailer then you know what will happen and you will have seen all the best bits. This film tries far to hard to be funny.