Directed by James Watkins and written by Jane Goldman who adapted it from the novel written by Susan Hill. Staring Daniel Radcliffe, Janet Mcteer and Roger Allam. A young Lawyer travels to a small remote town to deal with the papers of a deceased woman, while there he discovers a vengeful spirit haunting the town and killing off innocent people.

Im not going to ignore the elephant in the room as it were, yes this is Daniel Radcliffe’s first venture out from the world of Harry Potter. It’s incredibly hard to shake the feeling that your not watching Harry Potter and that neither Ron or Hermione are going to appear running behind him.

Having said that his actually style is very different to that of the Potter films, yes you still see the boy who lived in him but i don’t think he will be able to escape this for many years. The problem with a lot of actors who have been attached so something so hugely succesful as Harry Potter is that they struggle to step away form the image and have success on their own.

In the last few years Radcliffe has really improved in his performances and you can see he still has a lot of potential. The only difficulty I can imagine him trying to over come, besides the Potter image, is his look. He looks so very young, indeed when he is with his son in the film they look more like siblings than actual father and son. Furthermore in one scene where he is standing in a room of much older people, he looks like their son and not  a young lawyer.

Having said all that he is very good in this, his acting is improving at a very fast rate suddenly.  I look forward to seeing him grow as an actor and take on different varied roles.

The film itself is a remake of an 80’s film and the scares and jumps that you get from watching this are less about gore and blood flying everywhere and more build up and increasing tensions until one thing moves or appears which will make you jump.

There are a few flaws with this film and one truly annoying part at the end which makes no sense considering all the events that happen. I wont spoil it but just say it happens right at the end.

The scares and thrills are there but I was just not quite a big as I hope but still excellent.

The whole cast is strong with this and there is no moment of stupidity of doing go into that room that we often see with these things.

OVERALL**** it’s a strong film, yes it does have a few flaws but the positives really do outweigh the negatives. Radcliffe is strong and excellent in this and easily has a promising future. I would recommend for anything wanting a good scare.