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Directed by Daniel Espinosa and starring Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds, Brendan Gleeson and Vera Farmiga . The Plot follows Matt Weston, a Safe House keeper, struggling to find a way up in the CIA and desperate for a promotion when one of the CIA’s greatest threats Tobin Frost needs to be held for 12 hours, things go wrong from there.

Anyone who knows me at all, knows I am  a huge Ryan Reynolds fan and have been for many years, so after the disappointment that was Green Lantern, he was good mind you just everything else was awful. I hoped that this mixture of action, potential good from the trailer and Denzel Washington could help him create a good film.

While the plot is nothing new, we have seen this thing before and we can guess from an hour in who is the set up and what will happen, though a few nice twists to freshen it up helped.

Now Mr Reynolds himself is excellent in this, for the first time in a long time he doesn’t use any of his well-known comedic timing or humour. Instead he goes for the rough determined action look which works very well. People have commented saying why does he fumble and make mistakes when he’s in the safe room with Frost, this makes sense if you look at the bigger picture. He’s been in the Safe house for 4 months with nothing to do , he’s never been in the situation before so therefore he will be nervous when a group of armed hitman have crashed the Safe House.

As for Denzel, though he is excellent in this and works very well with Reynolds thought out, this is a little too easy for him. As a seasoned veteran of the film world this is a bit too easy. For Mr Reynolds it’s good, he’s still learning and growing as an actor and his carrier is still only really at the start. Washington isn’t and it shows how easy he is finding it.

The only one scene I have a problem with is the football stadium part, here many mistakes are made by Reynolds’s character Weston which are a little too stupid to be making.

The script is good, nothing out of this world but it is good, while the plot just needs a few changes here and there. Washington and Reynolds work really well together I thought, and despite Washington being a seasoned actor Reynolds manages to hold his own throughout.

OVERALL ***1/2 It would have been for had it not been for the stadium part which had too many obvious mistakes for me. It’s a good film to watch and it keeps you entertained throughout.