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Directed by by James Bobin and written by Jason Segel who also stars in it along side Amy Adams. Three fans who have grown up watching the Muppets discover a plot afoot to steal the Muppets old theatre, they must reunite all the cast in order to save it.

Without a doubt is this the best family film of the year, it appeals to all ages without having to become too child like or too adult. It’s just simply amazing and in new forms of humour that havent been seen for years.

For me personally I was too young to enjoy the Muppets when I was small, I do remember watching them but they did not have any great impact on me. However I’m very happy this film was made as made me fall in love with the Muppets so hopefully those who remember it from when they first started will enjoy this.

As always the actual Muppets are hilarious and outstanding. In particular the new Muppet called Walter who is also one of the fan of the show and the reason they are coming back together. For me this film is all about the small touches here and there, between the outstanding cameos to which there are many so pay attention to the self deprecating humor.

I’m not normally a fan of musicals but in this they are short and lovely , also they do actually poke fun at themselves with the script.

Sadly Jason Segel won’t be returning for the Muppets 2 which is sad if not understandable given how many years it took to actually write this. The script is perfect for the film particularly for the Muppets themselves.

In fact there are a few songs which you might not think would not work but somehow they do and they pull it of with style.

Also Id like to say a little thank you so much , to who ever wrote one of the lines near the end , without wanting to spoil it lets just say he high lights a stereotype which has annoyed me for years.

I would love to delve into various scenes, cameos and sequences but honestly I would not want to take anything away from it other than I loved it from start to finish and never once got tired or looked at the clock seeing how much time was left.

OVERALL***** This is simply amazing and happy and even on the sad bits there are some dam good tunes. Can’t recommend this enough really also I dare you not to smile and laugh at the end credits.