Directed by Joe Carnahan and staring Liam Neeson, Dermot Mulroney and Frank Grillo, this film follows the story of a group of huntsmen who live in the snowy wilderness in the back of nowhere experience a plane crash which turns into a game of who will be killed next in their attempt to survive in the bleak cold.

While the rest of the men are construction workers, though I never found this clear, Neeson is an expert in keeping the men safe from wolves. He therefore becomes the leader in this group of injured men to try to outwit the wolves and survive.

This film eventually turns into a game of who is going to die next and by what means. I won’t say any spoilers about this as I hate spoilers.

Neeson seems to be constantly in a state of depression and loneliness with his films at the moment, in taken his daughter is kidnapped, in unknown he loses his life and in this he appears to have lost his wife or she is back at home waiting for him. Again this is unclear.

Without spoiling anything the characters are good to watch, yes you have the typical man who defies Neeson saying he knows nothing and who made him leader, luckily this is stamped out quickly and the men continue to bond though the sheer freezing environment.

The only problem I had about this film was the surroundings, it’s a bleak white frozen waste land which never really gives the  men any joy or comfort and you feel your spirit getting slowly lowered as the men must have also felt. The fast that it never gives in baring once scene of humour makes this exhausting to watch.

That is my only complaint that you have to brace yourself for this film, the characters who depressed are good and do work well together with particularly good performances from Neeson and Mulroney.

An area which could have been the end to this film was the wolves. They are of course CGI so there is the chance they could look dreadful, however they actually like quite impressive. How much of the wolves was CGI and how much were real or models of wolves is hard to tell but overall I was happy with the quality of them.

As much as I would like to go into detail about the ending to this film as I was both unhappy and happy with it I won’t spoil it for anyone, but please, if you have seen it then please tell me what you thought in the comments just don’t spoil it for anyone else reading.

OVERALL *** it is a good film with some good gritty characters and situations, however the constant attack by the snow, the bleakness of the whole situation and its ability to never let up just exhausted me watching this which took away a lot of the enjoyment for me, however if you prepare yourself for it is a good film.