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Directed by Michel Hazanavicius and starring Jean Dujardin, Berenice Bejo and John Goodman. The film follows George Valentine as a massive film star of the silent movie era, when a woman called Pepper Miller comes onto the scene and gets invested with talking films it  leaves George behind to wallow in self-pity and pain.

One thing that many people will probably be taken aback by who know me or read this, is that ive never seen a black and white film so for me watching this took some getting used to, however this did not discourage me from it. This is a really charming funny and intelligent film, showing that sometimes the best thing is do go back to basics, no CGI no huge explosions, merely how films were when they started.

Is the plot expansive and full of depth, not really but it feels like how they all used to be. Clearly I cannot talk about the script verbally, but physically its incredible. The dog and Jean work so well together and are the comedic pieces of this film.

Dujardin is easily worth his oscar win, it’s hard to pin point exactly how he does it but his performance is excellent with little touches here and there.

John Goodman seems to be very much enjoying himself in this role, not to say he hasnt for his others as I wouldn’t know not living in his head. You just get a huge feeling of pleasure from him that he is loving being part of this piece.

Berenice Bejo is another excellent actress in this, she is beautiful, charming and knows how to work with these people. It’s a joy to watch a woman taking a dominant stride in a film full of men without having to give in to the stereotype around her.

Without spoiling it there are one or two scenes with some incredibly nice touches which are not shown in the trailer.

The only negative comment I would make about this is that the comedic element goes a little too soon, meaning you are left with Jean Durjardin feeling sad depressed and watching his life go in a down wood spiral. This whole sequence lasts a little too long which takes away some of the charm and energy it starts with.

It is nice to see that no matter how long a time period passes, the old orignal workings of a film , the foundation on which the entirety of cinema is built upon can still come home and take all the Oscars.

OVERALL**** this is simply a charming excellent film for everyone to watch, the only draw back I had with this is that the depression and emptiness that George feels goes on a little too long for my liking. However excellent cast, who deserve all the awards they are given.