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Directed by Josh Trank and staring Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell and Michael B. Jorden. It follows the three boys as they discover a hole in the ground, leading to a cave which gives them powers.

Firstly I am a huge fan of comic book related material, so I was keen to see this. The three boys themselves are very well cast and work together very well. The major problem I had with this film is with Dane DeHaan’s character, there’s no depth to him nor any originality. He plays the character very well, just fail to see one orignal moment.

His mother is dying, his father beats him, he is an outcast at school and his only friend, before the events of the cave, is his cousin who seems to be have been forced onto him to look after. We have seen this cliché so many times it’s now predictable and boring. So predictably what starts out as a fun joyride turns into anger and with the anger the power because much stronger.

It’s a shame really as they could have gone down a very different route with him and actually made him more interesting.

However what is a nice change to what nearly becomes an entirely predictable film  is that there are no role reversals, DeHaan’s character does not go from being the outcast to the popular kid leaving his friends to wallow in jealousy and hate. Each character has a strong enough plot by themselves to make it very interesting.

The actual usage of powers could have been the downfall of this film, too many times have we seen it look horrible and cheap. Though there are only a few bigger scenes where the shots are up close to the characters the CGI is very well done. Not perfect by any means but still an excellent Job. For smaller scale usage of powers they really do a great job with it all. I won’t take anything away from it by saying too much but this is where the comedic element of the film really comes into play and shows it off incredibly well.

The entire film is made through the eyes of a camera held by various people, much like clover field,   which I feel adds a realism and personal effect to the film that you don’t get when you watch it from the bigger more expensive cameras from studios. Indeed the final battle scene does feel very similar to that of  Cloverfield, but it works incredibly well and the performances are excellent throughout.

OVERALL **** it’s an excellent film which I recommend if you are a fan of Sci Fi and super powers, however its weakness lies in the predictability of the plot and the one character who you see everything happening before it actually happens which is a massive shame. However if you’re looking for strong characters, excellent plot and super powers might I suggest the Avengers to you ?