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Directed by Steven Soderbergh and staring Gina Carano, Ewan McGregor, Michael Fassbender, Channing tatum, Michael Douglas, Antonio Bandras and Michael Angarano.

The story follows Mallory Kane as an agent who is set up and is now looking for answers. When we begin with this we cannot help but see elements of Bourne and Oceans 13, in the way that it is filmed and the techniques used for fighting.

However it’s take the best from these two films and made it it’s own thing, it’s so refreshing to have a lead female role who can take the action lead. Yes we had Salt a little while ago, however I was never convinced by that at all. As I didn’t totally buy Angelina Jolie in the role.

However Haywire, shows the intelligent deduction of a situation that we love from Bourne, no there is no nudity and no there is no huge cleavage and finally she isn’t running around in stupid heels. Refreshing does not even come close when describing this.

As soon as you see her you are totally convinced by her that she is who she says she is. The script is clear and excellent for this, no cheesy lines or speeches that make little sense and add nothing to the plot other than to pass the time.

If you look in the past at all the action films, none of them will compare to this one, they have masterfully created a perfect action star who is a woman.

The plot goes back and forth through time  fair amount, normally this would be confusing, however it’s really not here, if anything it gives all those in the film more screen time and keeps you focused on the film.

As far as casting goes, its excellent on the acting side, a few loose accents here and there but other than that they are all pretty strong. In particular Channing Tatum who is finally becoming a more serious actor and showing what he is worth. Long behind him are the days of step up films. These days he is showing that he is very talented.

What is a nice touch is that during the fight scenes there is no music being played. Meaning you can hear the grunts and punches and kicks they both give and receive, giving this film a level of grittyness which is welcomed. No this is not as big a scale as the bourne films, however I would love to see them go against each other in a fight.

Ewan McGregor is very good in his role, though I can’t say much about him mainly because it would spoil the film. This is the same case with the rest of the cast.

The only thing I would say is that Angarano’s character seems a little bit too calm considering hes in the car with a woman he’s never met before helping her escape. Though he says he is panicked he does seem quite calm.

The style of this film has Soderbergh written all over it, which is not to say its a bad thing. It’s nice to have a new take on this genre with new style, different sense of the plot and a strong female lead.

When you look into Gina Carano’s past and see she is actually a professional fighter, it shows whole new level to her fighting and an understanding. Though it’s well-known that the career change from fighter to actor some times does not work, here it does. She really does prove herself in this role, where she can stretch her acting ability remains to be seen. However she is excellent in this.

OVERALL**** An excellent and refreshing take on this genre, showing that women can do it without heels, cleavage and having to get naked for the film to work. An excellent plot, cast and action scenes, highly recommended.