Directed by Xavier Gens, and starring Lauren German, Michael Biehn and Milo Ventimiglia. This looks at the story of a nuclear attack on New York and the group of people who manage to escape to the bunker as they try to survive.

This starts of with an incredibly promising premise of human survival against a nuclear attack, the action starts straight away with Lauren German’s character watching the bomb land in the far distance. They all rush down stairs into the bunker and it’s simply a matter of trying to survive.

I watched this mainly because I am a huge fan of Milo Ventimigilia’s work, however even this I struggled to watch, though he was convincing in this.  There is no chance to step back and breathe with this film, unless you press pause and go for a walk. Its depression with layer of misery put on top of it.

Granted it was never going to be a comedy when were talking end of the world and a nuclear attack, however the speed at which they fall into insanity  is extreme, and the levels to which they sink make it hard to watch. Particularly as you are watching a couple of the characters die from radiation poison.

Two questions arise for me when watching this film, why was there a nuclear attack on New York. Which by the way is never discussed unless it’s talking in stereotypes. My second question is, what is the purpose and message of this film. We understand that you lock a group of people in one room with a limited supply of food, water that some of them will eventually turn on each other. However there is no great insight into this at all.

Writing that paragraph raises another question for me, fresh air. How do they last as long as the do with little oxygen to keep them alive. Between the outside air being full of radiation and the inside air being used by people smoking, I fail to see how they manage to breath as long as they do.

From the people mentioned above the acting is quite good, however its hard to see this as it’s such a miserable and at some points horrifying film. It leaves with you a feeling of depression and misery.

I won’t write much more on this as there is not much more to say. It starts well but yes becomes a weird twisted reality which has no purpose other than to plague misery to its audience. The characters themselves are all horrible, baring one or two and you don’t feel any love for them baring two the women, they are people you actually care about.

OVERALL** it’s a good concept with potetional that it never uses or looks at. I wouldn’t recommend this unless you wish to watch 2 hours of pure misery.