Directed by Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein and starring Kate Beckinsale, Michael Ealy and India Eisley.

Kate Beckinsale returns for her third outing in this fourth instalment into the world of vampires and Lycans, clad in leather and various coats. Following her last appearance Selene has been frozen by scientists and awakens 12 years later in a world where humans are both aware of the presence of these creatures and are hunting them now, calling it the purge.

To begin with we are treated to a news footage sequence where the world is hunting down Lycan and we see various army squads going into buildings to wipe them out, this is actually well done and takes inspiration from Paranormal activity.

I was a fan of this series when it first started out, sure the plot wasn’t the best in the world but it had a good set of actions scenes with some good performances from people like Michael Sheen. However four films on and it feels like this series is on its knees.

Selene has awoken and her only thought is to find Michael, who does not appear a lot in this film apart from a  few cut scenes and one moment by the docks. A shame really as he was a good character. Selene use her tunnel vision to see into what she believes is Michael’s eyes, instead she comes across her daughter. Understandably there is no chemistry between these two people, convenient part of the plot I think.

She is joined by another vampire who is awful in both performance and action scenes. The plot is dull and quite predictable but the good news is its only an hour and a half long.

Considering that this is the fourth film in the series you would have thought  they would have gained a bit of money and put it towards the CGI, however they didn’t. The CGI is beyond awful and just frankly horrible to watch. Certain transformation scenes remind you of Van Hesling, not something you want, and make you just want to laugh imagining people making weird body movements and face as they twist and turn into these things.

One good point to mention is the interesting weapons used in this, we have standard handguns  which also act as machine guns, quite a nice time-saving surprise, followed by a long whip with jagged blades running down the side of it.

All in all the thought seems to have gone into set design, weapons and the outfits, they just forget to put effort into the characters themselves or the plot or the script.

I won’t spoil it by saying how it ends and who dies, or doesn’t die but I will say they have let it open for a fifth instalment which will probably happen as many guys will go to see blood, gore and Beckinsale in leather, however I say the series should take a blade to the head and kill it off or at least find some one of putting it to sleep in the its vampire form.

Beckinsale herself is getting weaker and weaker in this role, though when she first falls naked, yes she had to be naked, from the frozen tube, despite probably being extremely weak after a 12 year snooze she manages to cover her self rather well. Which does beg the question of why was she asleep upside down ? trying to  save the embarrassment of falling on her face when she wakes up ? or like I suspect they go into cliché with the vampires and the ease for her to cover herself ?

OVERALL** I give it two simply because of the weapons and some of the fight scenes, it loses the other stars due to everything else that appears.