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Directed by Brad Bird and staring , Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton and Michael Nyqvist. This is the latest instalment of the Mission Impossible franchise, this time after an incident in the Kremlin the entire team is disbanded and they have to complete the mission by themselves with no help from the agency and to clear its name.

A lot of people had issues with the third film, the one previous to this for some reason. I myself rather enjoyed it and am a fan of the franchise so was eager to see this attempt.

As far as direction goes this is Brad Bird’s first outing using actual people instead of animation, such as The Incredibles which most people consider a classic.

Bird proves himself a worthy director and using a lot more location shoots then the other films, as the team travel around the world and showing off most places it their best. Word of warning if you don’t like heights then prepare yourself for Dubai, as you will no doubt have seen in the trailer, things get tall but not Cruise.

The plot is as you would expect not the most complicated thing in the world. They go on a mission something goes wrong and something else is stolen, forcing the team to hunt down the villain and stop  the end of the world situation while travelling to exotic locations until a final gritty fight.

Yes the locations are very well used with everything from jumping from roofs, to sandstorms and exotic parties. I have no problem with any of that as it makes it enjoyable to watch.

As far as script goes, there are a few bad lines but these are covered over in a good script. Not many clichés are given out, though all the humor is given to Simon Pegg as he shares it with Renner.

There are some very funny moments though, even with a slight on Cruises height as the film starts in a Russian prison.

As far as casting goes, yes Cruise is good as Hunt again, however we have seen him 3 other times in the same role so while it is good, its nothing new. Maybe a couple of darker tones here and there. Jeremy Renner who is finally getting a good name for himself by covering three different franchises this year and next is excellent in this. For me, Simon Pegg and himself are what drives this film forward. The banter they share is excellent and Pegg is hilarious. Paula Patton is good in this though nothing is really given to her that puts her above the rest, she is good but there is no real depth to her character. Cruise and Pegg also share some good banter and moment together, shame Pegg didn’t have any moments with Patton.

If you are a fan of technology then you will love this film, all the gadgets they use are amazing, if they exist then I want a lot of them. Which of course leads to one of the biggest scenes in the whole film which is climbing the tallest building in Dubai and making some of us feel a little sick when Ethan looks out the window.

This film is purely fun entertainment and gives us an A* showing of it, its funny and good to watch with some amazing action scenes in it.

The only question I have with it is, on the train where the team is planning for the next mission, why is Ethan wearing headphones, the woman from the USB is speaking out loud to the room for everyone to hear, so what is Ethan listening to ?

One nice touch which a lot of these films do not have is highlighting  the past romances. Ethan in the third one is getting married and the whole plot of it is, to get his wife back from Philip seymour Hoffman before he kills her. Thankfully this is carried on into the next film and is answered and not just shoved under the mat and hope is forgotten about.

Another part of these films which makes me laugh is the agents are hardly subtle when they are on a mission. Either they are apparently talking to themselves while walking around a room full of people, or they are holding on to theirs ears to talk, surely if you were the bad guy in these places just look for those kinds of people and you should be able to get away.

OVERALL**** Yes the script needs a bit of work and the plot is hardly complex, however it is funny, action packed and really good fun entertainment. I would recommend this film to watch.