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Both directed and written by Joss Whedon, The Avengers stars, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, Tom Hiddleston, Clark Gregg, Cobie Smulders, Stelland Skarsgard and last but not least Samuel L. Jackson.

Now where to begin with such a huge film, firstly I would like to say there will be no spoilers in this, so read on as I hate spoilers and all that they ruin.

Now anyone who knows me , will know I am a massive Marvel fan. Comics, films, games, anything to do with Marvel I am a huge fan. So like the rest of us fanboys and girls,  our hearts collectively skipped a beat at the end of Iron Man one, where Nicky fury, played by Sam Jackson, arrives on the scene at the end to announce The avengers initiative. So for us this has been a four year long wait, exceptions are high, pressure on everyone and anyone involved to produce something that would not be a total let down.

Nothing like this had ever been tried before, the original Avengers all assembled on-screen for us to see. This could easily have gone either way.

We got off to a promising start with Joss Whedon taking control of both direction and writing and after all he is one of us, a comic book fan of marvel. The difficult bit was going to be allowing this to be a group effort rather than an individual one where one person leads the rest of them.

Not only did Joss Whedon create a simply beautiful script but also allowed the film, yes to be about stopping the villain, however it was more about the characters themselves, meeting and working together that is what the film is all about.

The truly weird thing about this film and this is not a bad note, is that because we have never had anything like this, it feels as though each one of them is doing a cameo role for the other persons film. This is no ones individual film per say it’s just the matter of adjusting to the presence of all this talent and history within each character.

I won’t go into the script, not the storyline or setting so that I can assure you that it is beautiful and near on perfect, also being every fan boys dream to see all that you see. I’m just trying to stay clear of the spoilers.

Now the cast, I’ll start with Tony Stark. Yes we finally See Stark Tower, no spoiler as its in the trailer. This is the third outing that we see Tony Stark, though it’s not Iron man three at all. Many people have thought this would just be Iron man 3 and co, it is not as everyone holds their own. This is the best Tony Stark we have ever seen, he’s more and more how he is in the comics. He is funny, but arrogant, he speaks in a langauge that is of the Tony Stark from the comics and like all the characters it’s like they have literally been lifted off the paper. You can feel behind his acting direction and script that this is all fuelled by some one who knows comics. Joss Whedon brings us the best Tony Stark I have seen so far which will hopefully carry on to Iron Man 3 which is already in production. There’s so much more I could say on it but I don’t want to ruin it for you.

Now Bruce Banner has not had the best of times when it comes to adaptation, his previous films have been awful. Mark Ruffalo, is easily the best hulk I have ever seen. This is mainly due to the fact that instead  of the hulk  being based on a rock and some lifeless model, Ruffalo actually dons the CGI suit and is the Hulk which gives him a human element to him which we have never seen before and works perfectly. Ruffalo himself is just excellent, hes calm and shows hulk in the best light we have seen him in, with a lot of the comedy scenes actually given to the hulk and it works well. For the First time I would be happy to watch a Hulk film as long as Mark Ruffalo is the Hulk.

Chris Evans reprises his role as Captain America, though this new cap freshly woken up in the 21st century is a much darker one as he is still in the mind-set of World War II, Evans who usually plays the funny man, plays this more serious work perfectly. The relationship between Cap and Stark is prefect, hatred and love as it’s confused and Tony’s only link to his father. This sets the stage well for the future.

Chris Hemsworth Returns as Thor, this is a Thor seeking his brother and being more God like then we have seen him before. He uses more of the same actions as he did in the comics and it does feel like Joss Whedon has just taken him straight from the comics. His relationship with everyone is fantastic and acts more like he should do then how he did in his first outing.

Scarlett Johansson comes back as Black Widow, this is a much better outing for her, not that Iron Man 2 was bad for her. Just that we barely touched on  her and her rich history. This time we are allowed to delve into her past and actually use her as Black Widow rather than as a stepping stone for the avengers. Her relationship with Hawkeye is fantastic and anyone who knows the comics, it will be interesting to see how they develop her in the future.

This is Jeremy Renner’s first full look as Hawkeye, yes we saw him breifly as Clint Barton in Thor, this gives us a much better look into him. Without spoiling it at all and having to keep this annoyingly brief, they actually use a lot more of the comic history for him then I thought they would, which is fantastic.

THough I could write and write about this film for hours I will but mention only a few more things.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki, he is again just prefect, he has now given up any hope of returning to good and is a full-fledged villain that we know and love. The Dynamic between him the everyone else is fantastic.

Finally the man we all know and love, Agent Colson, played by Clark Gregg. Though not from comic book material he is without a doubt a much-loved character who works great with everyone and his lines with Cap are just so well done and timed.

There is a lot more I could say on this film, however I do not want to take anything away from the whirlwind experience this film delivers, and man does it deliver.Two last things, comic book fans stay till after the credits for one last scene, you will not be disappointed I promise. When they do Avengers 2, pay Joss Whedon what ever he wants. He is just perfect for this and without him it just would not be the same to handle all this talent.

My words cannot do it justice at just how good this film is.

OVERALL ***** Just go and see it, I loved it and want to see it again and again.