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Both directed and written by Dito Montiel and staring Channing Tatum, Al Pacino, Ray Liotta, Katie Holmes,Jake Cherry and Tracy Morgan. Its follows the story a rookie cop who has been moved to a different precinct and is now being brought back to his childhood as letters and phone calls threat to ruin his life due to a past incidents  in his childhood.

The film skips between Channing Tatum’s present as a police officer to when he was a small boy and the incident’s that occurred. These incident’s are now being brought to life by a reporter who is trying to unearth and bring to light the story of two murders and why they were never investigated in 1986.

It’s a strange film where you are shown two plots which tangle together, one is interesting and is well-played, one is pure boredom fails to gain our interest.

This could have  been a fascinating story which gripped and excited audience members, instead it’s actually very dull and there are several plot holes which go unanswered.

The cast it’s self was not the strongest, Channing Tatum is throughly depressed throughout, baring a few scenes with his daughter who is prone to seizures, though this part of the plot is never really looked into. If he is not spending time with his daughter then he is depressed which turns into fear and essentially plays one note throughout. He looks ridiculous with a moustache which in turn makes it hard to take him seriously with his slicked back hair. This is one of his poorer roles but that might be due to the script and directed which holds no depth nor anything particularly interesting.

As far as his present storyline goes it’s really dull and boring which is  a shame as they could have made it into a style similar to that of the zodiac killer, which was excellent.

His younger self played by Jake Cherry, is a lot more engaging and much better as a performance and plot. Cherry delivers some intense scenes which have you gripped and wanting to delve more. What is strange is that Cherry clearly has an accent which some how despite not living far away he loses when he becomes Tatum. His performance is very good, just a shame we don’t see more of him.

Al Pacino has made some massive errors in his acting career, from Jack and Jill to this with some other strange choices, he is average in this, if anything he is playing more himself then ever before. He is still one of my favourite actors however it pains me to see im in things like this.

Ray Liotta is well-known for playing his gangster roles, this time he plays a cop and yet you can feel the inner gangster channeling through him, he is always good but he is nothing memorable in this film.

I have never rated Katie Holmes as an actress as I have yet to see her in anything which blows my mind by her performance or makes me eager to see it as she is staring in it. This is no different, she plays the wife to Tatum’s character, but serves no real purpose other than the wife, some one who is angry and gets a threat. Other than that I fail to see why she is needed here.

Now Tracy Morgan is seen here like never before, we are used to loud mouth funny man from 30 Rock, here he is a quiet man struggling with life, however in the few scenes he has, he is excellent. Both him and Cherry are the front-runner for this film, easily their performances are the best. In one scene where you are looking at Tracy as he struggles to remember who Tatum is, you can see the pain, you can see the thinking and you feel for him.

What this film needed was less of the present day plot and more of the past, that was the stronger storyline by far.

OVERALL ** those two stars go to Jake Cherry and Tracy Morgan who are the only two redeeming features of this film. Would I recommend this to anyone, nope , save your money and go and see The Avengers.