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Directed by Jim Sheridan and written by David Loucka, staring Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts. Soon after a family moves into their new house they discover that a family has been murdered in it and so the mystery begins.

Firstly I would like to begin with a theory I have which so far has not failed, yet I hope it does for a certain spiderman film coming to our attention soon. The theory is that any film where afterwards the couple in the film become a couple in real life then the film is doomed. Mr and Mrs Smith, yes a bit of fun but overall not a great film at all, Jumper which was just awful baring Jamie Bell. My theory still works with Dream House as Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz are now living happily together and are married and the film is pitiful.

It is understandable for people to find it hard to come up with brand new ideas that have never been used to make a film before. However copying ideas straight from other films is not  a good way to go. For those of you  who have seen, and im sure a lot of you have seen, such films as The Sixth Sense and Amityville Horror then you will feel confused as to why this appears to be a the exact same film only with a different setting.

From the start everything feels false and  lacks any sort of direction or good script, when Craig makes it home finally he is greeted by his family and they all appear to be talking in Cliches. Indeed  no chemistry is felt through any of this, surprising given that Craig actually ended up marrying Weisz. I do hope there chemistry in real life is better than what I just witnessed. In fact for the opening twenty minutes it feel like some one has poured something really sweet and a little cheesy into every scene.

It picks up and it’s almost good for about ten minutes while it appears that some one is in the garden. Then it goes back to some weird sickly family and you start feeling bored. Now those of you who watched the Reynolds version of Amityville horror then prepared to have an immense feeling of De Ja vu. Craig hears voices, follows them to the basement which actually looks like the same set, probably is. Looks through a crack and sees people, so unoriginal it feels like a spoof.

Jokes are actually made which makes us think that Amityville horror is exactly the direction which they wanted to go as Craig makes a quip about getting a priest.

Now I mentioned Sixth Sense for a reason, no he is not dead however it’s the same premise so by the time all is revealed to Craig who is shocked by it all, were kinda of bored. We guessed it all about 20 minutes ago when the first clue was revealed. From this point on its boring only because we all worked it out and are waiting for Craig to catch up. I won’t spoil the end by saying what’s happened but for what it’s worth its five years of a lot of hassle.

For the actors themselves, I don’t understand how they read the script and liked what they saw. For Rachel Weisz her character is predictable and boring and there is no chemistry between her and her children.

For Craig he claims his performance in the realisation scene but the rest of the time is an average performance, and to be honest we feel nothing for him as we just feel like were watching sixth sense meets Amityville horror.

Naomi Watts plays the neighbour who always believed Craig to be a good man who had been ill-treated. She could have been used more in the film as she was actually better than the rest, with the limited character she was given.

OVERALL ** It’s a poor attempt at something clever, I would not recommend this unless you wish you wish to sit down with the family and laugh at it. To all the cast we know you can do better please never put us through that again.