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Directed by George Miller and staring the familiar cast of Elijah Wood and Robin Williams with the new voices of Brad Pitt and Matt Damon. We go back to the land of ice and see Mumbles with his new son Erik, weirdly played by Ava Acres,  as they struggle to find his talent.

The first Happy Feet was subtly depressing for a large part of the time, almost ruining the happy feel it’s supposed to give off. Happy Feet 2 is marginally better though is still an average film. Mumbles himself appears to change character completely from when we first met him in Happy Feet 2. He was an outcast who found his love of dancing when no one else did.  Yet turns on his son for wanting to fly when no one else can, consistent plot ties I think not.

The stars of this film easily are Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and Robin Williams, who should have had a lot more screen time then they did. They were very under used considering most of the laughs and fun came from them. Robin Williams and his band of penguins made the first film and they easily made this one.

Mumbles is now an over protective dream crushing penguin who is now incredibly annoying. The weirdness continues that his son, is played by a girl, sounds like a girl and sings like a girl. So why did they make her a he and call him  Erik ?

The musical numbers are fun if a little clichéd at some points, particularly towards the end. Though to begin with there are some really fun numbers which get the mood going. One utterly bizarre scene, this is not a spoiler, is when the humans on the boat start playing guitar so that lovelace can dance and bring the humans to the land. It screams weirdness and does not work, in fact like the first one, the final product of mixing humans and penguins for me never worked. The CGI for it is bizarre and frankly it’s not needed.

The lines are also a little clichéd at times but the best ones go to Pitt, Damon and of course Robin Williams, they are funny and keep the films moving. In fact I feel Williams is used less in this one then the first which is a shame.

One thing the first film did not have which this does, is the small children of seals and penguins, the penguins are at times funny especially the slightly larger one who has more attitude then the rest. The baby seals are just creepy and their voices are so very annoying.Another character, new to the series, was Hank Azaria who was excellent with some well placed lines.

Like the last film, this one felt too long which was not needed, had they taken out a few tedious scenes and replaced them with more Lovelace and the Krill.

I maybe being too harsh on this film, as this really is not aimed at my age group and more at smaller children who will no doubt enjoy this.

OVERALL ** I hope it’s good for small children as this was not good for me, yes Williams, Pitt and Damon made this film come to life. However they can only do such much to save this tedious film.