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Directed by Chris Miller and staring Antonio Banderas, Salama Hayek and Zach Galifianakis.

This follows our favourite Puss in boots as in origin story set way before the events of Shrek happen. Puss meets up with his childhood friend Humpy Dumpty and together with Kitty Soft Paws they try to make the dream of finding the golden egg they dreamt of as children into reality.

For me The Shrek series got really boring and badly mad after the second film was done, from that point on Shrek lost its magic and became a tedious plot of predictability and nonsense. Which is why I was hesitant about Puss in Boots, though he is by far my favorite character from the whole series I did not want to watch anything to do with Shrek again.

Puss In Boots is completely his own film, other than Puss, we are introduced to all new characters and the only thing connecting to Shrek is the fairy tales known to us all. So enough talking about Shrek as this is all about Puss in Boots.

This film is beyond charming and funny, even at the points when it knows its being cliché other characters then make fun of the person and then destroys that and allows us to laugh and enjoy.

We all know, thanks to the millions of YouTube videos of cats, that we love cats and I have yet to meet anyone who dislikes puss in boots. He’s funny, charming and knows how to escape thanks to those eyes. Antonio Banderas is fantastic as the cat and really does bring it to life.

Salama Hayek plays Kitty Soft paws, meaning she can steal something without the other person noticing. She Also is excellent and one really funny scene the two cats share is in the basement where they have a dance off, sounds absurd but trust me its excellent. All the cats in there slowly playing instruments are all done to great effect.

Zach Galifianakis plays, Humpy Dumpty, the famous egg who fell off the wall and could not be put back together again. Fortunately for us he is in one piece and remarkably sturdy for an egg. For Zach Galifianakis this is one of his more sane and calmer roles that I have ever seen him in which is really nice to see. He has some moments which are very entertaining, but not in his usual style.

For most films the easy things to do are the premise as it’s all new and exciting to watch, it then seems to fall apart in the middle and end terribly. Not so with Puss in Boots, I think it finishes as strongly as it started, due mainly to Antonio Banderas and helped by the chemistry with Salama Hayek.

One comment I have against this film is that when we see the thing at the end flying, it’s shadow seems huge probably due to it’s height in the sky. However once it has landed, I expected it to be bigger then it actually was.

There are plenty of jokes to keep both the adults and to keep the children entertained throughout.

Jack and Jill themselves are beyond horrible and huge, rarely am I put off by things when they are animated, but with these two I was. Sends shivers down my spine just thinking of them.

OVERALL**** this is an excellent film and finely a chance for Puss to really shine, good entertainment for the whole family or if your just a fan of Puss.