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Directed by Brett Ratner, written by Ted Griffin and Jeff Nathanson. Tower Heist is the story of a group of employees at a hotel find that their boss has been arrested for stealing money from them all. They decideto find a low-level criminal to help them gain the money back from their boss.

Attempting to hold this film together we have Edie Murphy, Ben Stiller, Casey Affleck, Alan Alda and Matthew Broderick. Now from the start I was reluctant to even watch this film, I have a strong dislike towards Eddie Murphy as I have never rated him as being good at anything. However I am a fan of Casey Affleck, Alan Alda and Broderick and at times Stiller. So maybe my view on this was slightly tainted.

This film is average,  at best is feels like a poor man’s ocean’s 11 without the good plot or script. You sit watching this film and look at its obvious plot holes and lack of anything unpredictable happening. That is until the last half hour when they finally break in and then it becomes mildly interested.

Broderick is likeable as the nervous guy who you can’t help but feel for the whole time and wanting something good to happen to him. Alan Alda is quite a convincing bad guy and Casey Affleck I feel could do better, judging from such films as gone baby gone.

Eddie Murphy in a nut shell plays himself and is predictable as ever, that’s the last I will waste my time on this review on him.

To be honest I think this could have been done so much better, its clear in today’s climate what the meaning behind the film was which is a nice idea. It just never pays off in anyway.

This is meant to be a comedy and yet it failed to make me laugh even once, either do it right and make people life or stick to being an action crime film. Which is a shame considering that this film does hold quite a bit of talent in the majority of its cast but never seems to understand how use them.

There is one scene near the beginning which when watching it you may feel confused as to why you are watching a scene taken straight from wall street 2, money never sleeps.

I fear this will be one of the shortest reviews I have written as no one wants to read some one moaning on and on about a film. So I shall leave it with the few good features of this which is some of the ridiculous scenes which are on the verge of being entertaining but miss the mark by a few feet.

Am I being to harsh?

OVERALL ** I disliked this film strongly and would say to everyone save your money, there are some amazing films coming out in the next few weeks which will restore your faith in the magic of film.