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Directed by Bruce Robinson and based on the novel by Hunter S. Thompson. The film follows the exotic story of Paul Kemp an American journalist who takes a job in Puerto Rico looking at the imbalance between the rich and the poor.

This is another way of Johnny Depp giving the late Hunter S. Thompson recognition as he has done many times before. Giovanni Ribsisi plays an off the wall alcoholic with no desire to be liked but anyone baring a few close people, he has no taste for authority and only for the strongest drink man can find. While Michael Rispoli plays Depp’s brother in mayhem.

The film itself is an interesting one lending its hand to good and bad moments, though the good moments out weigh the bad making this an enjoyable film to watch. Depp is excellent as always and manages to entertain you not just through comedic jokes but more reactions to some situations.

The chemistry between the three of them is really well done and  well cast. Even with Ribisi coming in at a later stage. The duo perform well as a troublesome pair finding danger and more importantly fun everywhere.

Though funny in some places, it is dreadfully dull in others, this is mainly done in connection with the storyline following Aaron Eckhart’s character, the island billionaire who wants to build hotels. This does not lead anywhere and seems to be there only to show off the richer side of the island. In fact they should have made this into a bigger plot point or not had it at all as it feels like it leads nowhere.

In fact the three things that keeps this film together and a joy to watch are Depp, Ribisi and Rispoli and Heard. The drunk and high adventures they have are hilarious, dangerous and most entertaining.

Amber Heard is an interesting one to talk about as she not only has the looks but has actual talent. Hard to find these days as a combination of the two, she has what can only be described as an old school hollywood beauty about her. Indeed she caries her charm very well in this so that she can hold her own against the rest of the cast.

Indeed this film feels a tad too long and fairly anti climatic ending for us, after a journey of drug an alcohol abuse you expect some greater result after all the effort, with what feels like talk of action and revolution.

The Chemistry between Depp and Heard is there and well used, meaning that it’s not over the top and nor is it under used simply just right.

OVERALL*** LIke many things it has it good moments and its bad moments, however once weighed up the good trumps the bad. Indeed the balance for the trio and Heard was good, just the rest that needed that extra half hour in the editing room.