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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) Movie Poster

This American remake of the 2009 swedish film, is directed by David Fincher and written by Steven Zaillian. In this remake we see Daniel Craig helming the role of Mikael Blomkvist a journalist who has gotten himself into a bit of trouble with the law concerning his most recent bit of work. Rooney Mara stars as the interesting and diverse Lisbeth Salander. The two become connected when Blomkvist is hired to look into the disappearance of Harriet Vanger nearly 30 years later.

Now I myself have read all three of the Millennium books, written by Stieg Larsson, and watched the orignal Swedish films, however when I watched the film I felt they did not do  justice to the book and was horribly miscast in each film. So I was slightly apprehensive  to watch this remake after only a year or two after the third Swedish film was released, but I had trust and faith in Fincher and Craig to make this work.

This film does do the book justice for the majority of the time, Craig is a much better and convincing Blomkvist, who you actually care about and want to learn about. Less then 10 minutes into this film and we are shown the opening credits,  which simply breathtaking. They draw you in with the weirdness and yet brilliance with the symbology and meaning to nearly each object and movement.  It may interest those of you who are, like me,  huge marvel comic book lovers and enthusiasts that the man responsible for  depicting and displaying such amazing motions and intrigue is the man behind the Deadpool film which is slowly being created.  This bodes well, as I hope you agree, for incredibly high hopes for the Merc we all love and enjoy  with the mouth. One note I would make about the opening credits, maybe because Craig is in this, but the whole feel of the credits is like the beginning of a bond film. Please comment to say whether you thought the same thing or whether I’m just talking rubbish.

Indeed not only is this film darkly and viciously stunning but the music is gripping and intelligent.  Credit goes to Mr Trent Razor who performs the score for this film like he did with Social network. He fills  our minds, ears and eyes with enjoyment and thrill by using his remix of immigrant song by Led Zeppelin.

Past the first 10 minutes and this film feels how it should have done to begin with, which I feel does the book a great service. particularly as I think that the first book is the best. Craig does a stellar performance and I feel safe to say he can have the title of Mikel Blomkvist to add to his shelf of names.

Now one , not necessarily  bad thing, but one which I feel I ought to mention is that Lisbeth Salander is not the easiest role to play for anyone, man or woman. It is in fact one of the most difficult to perform as the character has so many attributes and diversity and in depth background that make her who she is today that it makes her an incredibly complex and in depth character. Indeed looking at the list of female roles in books I would say she is one of the best to read about. So when it comes to transferring all that is Lisbeth Salander to the big screen its a role any person will struggle with. In the Swedish version I was not convinced by Noomi Rapace, i’m more convinced by Rooney Mara in this attempt.

She seems more like her page turning counter part but misses getting her exactly right by just a touch, yes she is almost there but there feels like something is missing from it. What that thing is is hard to say exactly but there is that feeling. It must be noted of course that Rooney Mara’s transformation from the ex girlfriend in social network who appears for a mere 2 minutes at the beginning has changed dramatically and extremely well.

This film is by all means excellent and I do hope they go onto making the last two books come to life on the big screen.

My only annoyance with this film is the ending to this, to which I implore you if you have not read the books nor seen the swedish version then is to go back and read or see. Though it may seem only  slight the differences with which they show how the case is solved and the relationship between Slander and Blomkvist transforms are changed entirely. Of course I cannot go into details of this for fear of ruining this film and divulging its contents to you , I merely ask that you take my word on it. Also can some one please explain to me why she has suddenly got a picture of some past lover that she carries with her and why she tells Blomkvist about her father and so forth, this did not happen in the book and don’t feel right to the tone of the books or film.

OVERALL **** It’s an excellent adaption which destroys the orginal swedish films and if your about to watch the swedish versions first, do not bother watch this instead and like the rest of us wait for the next two films. Highly recomended I must say.