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Both written and directed by Spencer Susser, this film follows the life of T.J, Devin Brochu and his father, Rainn Wilson,   as they struggle to come to terms with the loss of the mother. Their life has lost all meaning and T.J is being terrorized at school. The father Paul is next to useless now and spends most days on the sofa or taking pills. Theirs lives are given a another helping of chaotic misery by the arrival of Hesher a homeless wanderer who decides to move into the house shared by T.J his dad and grandmother.

If ever there was a film to make you feel down and depressed and in need of some desperate laughter or any form of joy, then it’s Hesher.

Joseph-Gordon-Lewitt stars as Hesher, a man who is covered in home-made tattoos and only position are the clothes on his back and his fan to transport his drugs. At first this feels like a possible modernised fight club until you realise that Hesher is in fact a separate being to T.J.

This film is mindless and on a steep path down towards the murky depths of depression, even Lewitt cannot save this film with his Metallica music, one of the few good things about this film.

It attempts to make some kind of point and make some kind of message to people conveying how to live their lives or how to behave, however it fails to do anything other than incite misery and depression into the audience.

The only vaguely amusing scene is the pool scene but even that quickly turns into a showing of insanity in a very dark way.

Not one of this characters seems to be in the same genre or realise there in the same film, the grandmother is passed her best and her memory is failing her. The dad is pathetic, slumped on the sofa taking pill after pill to do what exactly we never know. Natali Portman seems to have no purpose in this film, her life doesn’t seem to be going anywhere either and there is one point when they are all driving in the Hesher’s fan when you feel as though had they driven off a cliff then it would have made them happier as well as us.

Give him his due Lewitt is very good in this, his presence on-screen is much-needed throughout but even he could not save this from becoming a pathetically depressing film which I would advise just watch his scenes on YouTube and be done with this.

We all know that Indie films give off a strangeness and weirdness that most Hollywood films do not posses however some Indie film films give off a beautiful interesting weirdness that translates across to the audience in an amazing interesting journey. This just makes you wish the film would end already so we can all move on from our lives and try to to work out what was the purpose of the thing we all just saw.

OVERALL ** Simply because of Lewitt and Brochu, It feels like is trying to make a good point but can never gets the words out so you end up depressed and bored by it.