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Footloose is the remake of the 1984 film with the same name, which stared Kevin Bacon. This remake helms Kenny Wormald as the new dancing lead, with Julianna Hough and Dennis Quad. Directed by Craig Brewer and also written by Craig Brewer with Dean Pitchford.

This remake follows the same story and actually has remade many of the scenes shown in the original version of the film. So the term modernised really does apply to this, as it’s the same film, younger cast and just re done.

Now before I go into a proper review of this I must state that the first 10 minutes of the film severally annoying to me to the point where I nearly didn’t bother finishing. My annoyance was started after the opening scene, which in itself was fun to watch, plenty of impressive happy dancing with feet. However 5 or so drunk teenagers driving down a road and getting killed was the start of the annoyance. Instead saying yes this was a tragedy which we will grief over but slowly over time move on from, they  turn to  the music being problem. Therefore is seems to be the only logical rationalisation to ban dancing, loud music, and an 11 pm curfew for all minors. Some one tell me how you make the jump there.

Seems like the message being sent here is , you can either like music, dancing and fun or you can like God, you don’t get both. So putting this bizarre concept that the film is based upon aside, with i might add a lot of difficulty, this film is not bad.

Like any film involving dancing it seems, no one is looking for an amazing plot, script, characters and so on. You go to see a fairly fun film with some good dancing in it. This what you get from Footloose, fun entertainment with I have to say a very good sound track.

There are so good scenes in this, surprisingly not the so much the car crash scenes as there predictable he wins, wow big spoiler. The scene which are good are the dancing scenes, the line dancing in particular I enjoyed.

Yes Kenny Wormald can dance, can he act though as many of these films produce people who can’t, his performance is not great but it’s not bad. He has potential there to actually be a decent actor.

Dennis Quad is good in this but his character is so boring it makes you wonder why he choose to play this role. He seems for some reason to hold the whole town under his control yet he is not mayor  simply the preacher. An annoying one at that who has held the town under these laws for three years.

Julianna Hough plays Ariel a troubled seen seeking to rebel against her Father after the loss her Brother, is she good. Yes her character is predictable however within that she plays the role very well, better then Kenny Wormald who at any point he is in trouble looks like his lip is about to start a wobbly.

If you can get past the beyond annoying premise of the town is banned from dancing and loud music because of one incident with drink driving three years ago, then this is film is good. If you can also survive for the next few days of having the song Footloose through you head then you should be fine, just.

OVERALL *** If you looks past the ridiculous premise this film is based on then it was some fun scenes in it. Good dance scenes and some really good music.