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Drive was directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, written by Hossein Amini and James Sallis who wrote the book this was adapted from. It stars Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Ron Perlman, Christian Hendricks, Oscar Isaac, Albert Brooks and Bryan Cranston. The story follows the Driver, played by Ryan Gosling, who is a stunt driver for films during the day and moonlights as a getaway driver.

The main premise of the film is that the driver gives you five minutes, in which he drives for you, he does not sit in on the planning. Nor does he carry a gun, he simply drives. Anything that happens within those 5 minutes then he is also part of, anything before or after then he has no part in. However things go wrong when he is helping our his neighbor’s husband who has just been released for jail. The husband owes people money so needs the driver’s help to do one last job to be a free man.

This film is simply amazing to watch. How Gosling did not get any attention at the Oscars is beyond understanding. His performance in this film is simply mesmerizing. I have heard a few complaints from people who say he was only ok in this simply because he doesn’t say much. This is true, verbally  Gosling does not have a huge amount of lines in this. Physically he speaks volumes and more than anyone else in this film. His attention to detail is fantastic, he is mesmerizing to watch, he steals every scene in this film because the whole time your eyes are transfixed on him. This is not to say that the other actors in this film are dull and uninteresting, not the case at all. It’s because Gosling acts the way he does which makes you have to watch him. Most actors are very verbally animated and movement is key to them. Gosling uses subtle moves with his body and with his facial expression that are small but hugely effective. Also this suits the character in the book, as he is described as a self-confessed loner, so he does not need big actions.

The filming of this, for a better word, is beautiful and the transitions between scenes is so well done, and actually feels more like the techniques of the older film world from 10 years ago. The music it’s self is perfectly used and chosen as it for some reason gave me a 80’s feeling which worked. In other words this film is the essence of cool,it feels like  that one guy who never tries hard to be cool but just is.

For rest of the cast there are no weak moments, bad dialogue or anything that would make you become bored or lose interest. They are all fantastic, Gosling steals the show though.

The violence has different levels to it, from being unseen to being right in your face and Gosling’s face. Each scene  because of how it’s filmed feels like a piece of art you could hang on your wall and watch over and over and interpret different with each viewing.  Though they do get more extreme at parts.

The first 10 minutes of this film is one of the best opening scenes for a film I have ever seen, its tense, it draws you in, its intelligent and every time you watch you notice different things about it.

How this is not up at the Oscars for best film, best actor and so forth is beyond me, this film like Ides of March is one of the best I’ve seen this year.

Another complaint I have heard, is people were annoyed that is not a similar film to fast and furious series, yes this does have cars and a few races, but that is it. Besides Drive leaves the fast and furious film in the dust, lost and confused, it’s that good.

Carey Mulligan is pretty damn excellent in this, she plays the neighbour whose husband has just been released  from Jail. She is excellent in this and I’m desperate to see her performance in shame, her acting is similar to Gosling, few words, but subtle movements to huge effect.

Perlman is as always huge and threatening and plays it well, the scene at night is magnificent to watch, as well as his dialogue with Albert Brooks. Finally Bryan Cranston is excellent playing Gosling’s boss, they are all excellent in this film.

OVERALL ***** This is without a doubt a classic and deserves all the attention in world for its effort.