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In Time was both directed and written by Andrew Niccol, it stars Justin Timberlake, Cillian Murphy, Amanda Seyfried, Vincent Kartheiser and Alex Pettyfer. The idea behind this film is that the currency is time, once you reach the age of 25 you are then branded with digital clock on your arm which dictates how much time you have left. From day to day everyone simply fights to gain more time.

This is a really fascinating concept as they can transfer time to one another by grasping each others arms, then transferring the time. They perform fights in order to gain more money by doing a similar style to arm wrestling. Indeed it is fascinating and a  little unnerving that there are no members of the cast above 25, 30 at the latest. So in the first scene with Olivia Wilde and Timberlake, Wilde is his mother which is interesting. However that is where the fascination and enjoyed ends i’m afraid.

We follow the story line of one Will Salas played by Justin Timberlake as he struggles to survive in the Getto and after the passing of his mother meets Henry Hamilton, played by Matt Bomer, who has lived for over a century. Hamilton decides his time is up and give Salas his time thus setting Salas off on his adventure to fight back against the system which is killing hundreds of people and who are responsible for the death of his mother. No wait, that’s what should have happened instead Timberlake goes on a spending spree and plays poker and buys cars and causes people watching him to fall asleep and get very bored.

Matt Bomer is actually very good and its nice to see him in a different role to White Coller character, showing he has actual talent which is nice and a pleasure to watch.

This film had the potential to be amazing, philosophical and in-depth, instead it barely borders any of them. Yes the first half  hour is very good, only because you are learning more and more details about how this world works. It could have been a style similar to Minority report though fails to deliver in the same way, the plot soon because just incredibly dull and predictable , full of cliches and just dull.

However in the last half hour it picks up again and your finally woken up and drawn back into this. It’s a shame really that cast members who were good were not given more time on-screen. Olivia Wilde is very good, SPOILERS, until she dies less than 10 minutes into the film which should be the spark for Timberlake to take revenge against all the rich people simply living for hundreds of years. Instead like I say above he goes on a spending spree, great.

When we as the audience wake up to discover something is actually happening again were suddenly introduced to this new style of Bonnie and Clyde who are robbing time banks to give to the people who need it. This feels rushed and somewhat unbelievable for Seyfried’s character to suddenly become this whole other person, at first she seemed to be against the system that was killing poor people, then she’s with it and then against, it’s as confusing as her hairstyle and her thinking that she could run in 6 inch heels with people shooting at her.

Seyfried herself is a bizarre concept to me as she seems to be everywhere and people seem to think she can act, she simply can’t. Her performance is very weak and you can see she is acting. had you switched around Wilde for Seyfried I think this could have been a lot better.

Timberlake tries his first outing as the leading action man. This outing is a stretch to far for the man, comedy he can do, action maybe give it a miss. His serious face is not that believable and his acting isn’t great, in an emotional scene where he is cradling the  body of his dead mother, his scream of pain is more like a scream of, well just a scream of something not sure quite yet, maybe his realised that he has to carry this film on now.

We know Pettyfer can play the jerk well, look at Tormented, an excellent british horror film, for some reason though he’s not quite as convincing in this. His character is supposed to be terrifying  and threatening but he’s misses the mark just. You can see he has got talent and is still learning his craft so there is hope for him.

The three actors who should have been more of a central role in this film who were excellent were Cillian Murphy who plays the time cop, Matt Bomer who was really good in this role and Vincent Kartheiser who played Sefried’s father and Olivia Wilde. All those actors saved a little of the film and their scenes were easily the best of this entire cast and film.

One final note id like to add is who ever designed the black police cars is clearly a fan of Knight Rider, that’s all i’ll say about that detail.

OVERALL ** Good beginning , bored in the middle, good finish. Some bad acting from the main two, but good from the side characters. Wait till some one puts the good people’s scenes on YouTube and watch that instead.