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The tree of life was both written and directed by Terrence Malick, staring Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and Jessica Chastain. This film follows one man’s thoughts as he is now a grown man looking back on his life, his relationships with his brothers and parents and his view of the world from a young age.

This film is utterly bizarre and took me by surprise. Admittedly I did watch this film quite a while ago, however it has taken me a while to think about it and consider one simple thing. Did I actually enjoy this film ? the answer to that is I simply do not know. By far this is the weirdest film I have ever seen, though it baffles the mind it enriches the eye and the brain as an extensive art piece. I neither dislike or like this piece of cinema.

It’s profound and yet in some places hard to watch and in others a pleasure to be seen, I watched this film because in interviews with great directors such as Chris Nolan and others, they talk about Malick’s style. That you go be less than 1 minute into a film and know that Malick has made it. I now understand this, this film is majestic, beautiful and graceful and yet it’s unlike anything I have ever seen.

I did find this a struggle to watch, not that it was a bad film or anything like that, but only because it’s such a huge departure from the films that I’m used to seeing.

The imagery and messages in this film are in the hundreds as every scene or every moment in this seems to be sending out multiple thoughts and expressions to the watching audience. The phrase poetry in motion comes to mind here, as this is exactly what the film is, it’s poetry it’s art. Though I am very unlikely to sit down and watch this film again I would say that people should watch this, I watched this by myself and remember feeling this weird sensation that no other film has left me with before. If you are a huge fan of art and love the idea of walking around exhibitions for hours on end then this film is probably more directed at you.

Those of you who have seen Malick’s previous work of Badlands and so forth, don’t let this encourage you to watch this film. This is nothing like Badlands at all, this is something else entirely. This is something incredibly hard to describe and leaves you with a feeling that no other film had left me with before.

Brad Pitt,  is as always incredibly talented in this film has he is normally. He plays the strict father teaching his sons the ways of life. He plays the role well of a man of that time, though his scenes seem to be in one part of the film altogether before the art takes over.

Indeed this kind of film should be used in school as pieces to examine and dissect for hours on end, as this is what the film is full of imagery and art and interpretation to the highest order.

Now the Overall rating that I usually give these films is a part for this film that I have struggled to rate. I did not dislike this film, yet I found it a struggle to watch to the end, hopefully I am not alone with this feeling. So after thinking long and hard about this I have decided to open this to whom ever decides to read it. Those of you who are hopefully reading my words and thoughts who have seen this film please comment and in the comment rate the film as for once in my life I have seen a film that im  unsure of what rating to give it.