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Tangled is an animated film directed by Nathan Greno and Byron Howard. Interestingly enough these are the people who brought us Mulan so we know they can produce good work.

The cast is assembled of Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi, Donna Murphy and Ron Perlman. The cast was strong for this film, which has all the characteristics of a good animated film, good comedy, funny antics, horrible villan who you hate and the cute pet sidekick. The film is set in some fantasy far away kingdom  where the queen is dying and is therefore given a plant which restores your youth and health, the queen is given this and Repunzel is born with a far amount of golden locks. The evil surrogate step mother steals Rapunzel away in the night and for 18 years lives in her tower keeping her young.

The actual character of Rapunzel was sweet and charming and was interesting to see the many different uses for her hair. Rope, pulley system, protective blanket and swing system.

The relationship between Rapunzel and Rider, though a little obvious at times is well scripted. One particulary funny scene involving Rapunzel both breaking down in hysterics and being incredibly happy several times in a cycle for a few minutes was entertaining.

The horse/dog, really a horse but one that acted like a dog was interesting, made even better by the aggressive relationship he had with Rider. Playful boy antics is always good humor.

It was a nice surprise to hear Ron Perlman’s voice as one of the huge men looking for Rider, a great actor and a great voice to entice fear.

One particularly sweet was near the end with the lanterns going up in the air, surrounding the boat in brilliant bright light. This scene is the key scene to make you feel content and at ease and relaxed. If you haven’t already by this point in the film I would be surprised.


The only down side is that I do wish more of a deal had been made of the Princess arriving back home, this seemed cut short a little due to the end of the film approaching fast, felt this should have been drawn out more.


OVERALL **** This film was everything you expect from an animated film, sweet, charming, funny with some funny songs such as the one in the pub. If you like animated films I recommend this to you.