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Directed by Catherine Hardwicke, staring Amanda Seyfried, Lukas Haas and Gary Oldman. This is the telling of the classic story about the girl who wears the famous Red hood and lives in the medieval village which is being terrorized by the famous wolf. We all know this story very well.

From the start were introduced to mountains and forest in the general wilderness as a showing of how trapped they are by nature. The acting from the start is very poor and annoying, even after the first couple of lines this feels like a twilight film. Funnily enough because of the director who happened to make twilight, high hopes then.

The film is plagued by poor taste in acting and the script which is plain and boring so maybe it actually suits the characters. Predictably to get some kind of plot going, the wolf kills. So the villagers become an angry mob and storm to the cave where the wolf lives. My question is if you knew where he lived and had enough men for a small army why would you not have dealt with this much sooner and saved a lot of hassle and lives. The group predictably splits up and one person is killed by the wolf, they believe this to be the wolf. Two things occur to me with this, one they appear to have no knowledge of a beast which has plagued them for generations, also they have no idea what it looks like. How do they know it’s a wolf that’s attacking them ? they are surrounded by woods and animals, any of which could have done this. Some reason they are set on a wolf, go figure.

Gary Oldman finally arrives on the scene, hurray the movie is saved. Wait his script is as bad as the rest of the them, though his acting is of course the best of the film. I never understand what these people do that are part of Oldman’s entourage, yes they are there to kill the wolf, however they seem more interested in causing fear and pointing fingers. Other than the armour and swords to make them look nice,  they have no idea what they are doing either, except they have got that magical bit of silver.

Now the big question of the film is of course who is the wolf, this is what compels you to watch one, or to open your laptop and see for yourself if your that bothered by it.

Yes I shall now talk about the main character miss riding hood herself. I personally really don’t see the big deal about Amanda Seyfried. Yes she was in mama Mia, god help us all with that one. She was in Alpha Dog a film I enjoyed, but other all she’s not great at acting, which is  proved in this film, she is dull and easy to overlook.

It’s a shame as this film had huge potential to be amazing, however due to some poor acting from the cast other then Oldman its misses the potential. Though the plot is good and finding the identity of the wolf keeps you going.

Also why are all the trees made with spikes rather than branches, im supprised more people havent died from impaling.

OVERALL ** Potentially good film ruined by a poor script and cast. Though with a good plot.