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Real Steel directed by Shawn Levy, staring Hugh Jackman, Evangeline lilly and Dakota Goyo. This is set in the near future where robots have replaced people in the world of boxing, Jackman plays a retired boxer trying to make a living from boxing robots. His son played by Dakota Goyo whom he has never met before as he fled when the child was born.

This film is a fun film to be watched on an easy afternoon, its slightly predictable however don’t let this take away how good a film this is. It’s very much enjoyable and has actual believable chemistry between the three main characters which is a nice change of pace. Jackman is excellent as always in this though his character is at times a bit predictable, however no one comes to this film expecting an inception style plot and in depth complicated characters. They see this film to watch good action fights, good action music and feel slightly inspired to do something physical.

Apart from playing the love interest Evangeline does not make much of an impact on this film. She is there crudely but simply put to look good, and be a love interest to Jackman’s character. She plays both well but is easily over looked in this.

Dakota Goyo is good in this, his chemistry with Jackman is defiantly there. You side with him when needed and he plays his part in the film as the over looked boy who rises to the top, almost. The robot’s fights are pretty amazing to watch, credit due of course to Sugar Ray Lennon choreographing all the fights to make them look as impressive as possible. Shame no cameo was given to him for all his work.

If your a fan of the kinda music that makes you want to move and do something like the songs of Till I collapse by  Eminem, then you will love the music in this film like me.

One scene which feels completely out of place and makes you ask why is this suddenly happening, is when the young boy and Lilly start looking at Jackman boxing and start crying. I understand this is an emotional scene where Jackman’s character Charlie is now back doing what he loves best which is boxing, but crying ? Is this not a step too far. It made me as the viewer feel awkward and wishing it stop to get back to the fight at hand.

OVERALL ***1/2 this is a fun film which I enjoyed and would happily go and watch over several times, if you are a fan of Jackman then this is one to watch.  Yes like the robots fighting it has its weak moments however the film is good at heart and fun to watch.