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Cowboys and Aliens is directed by Jon Favreau and Stars, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde, Daniel Craig and Sam Rockwell. This is set in the wild west of the outskirts of America. It follows Jake, played by Daniel Craig, who wakes up alone in the desert with no clue as to who he is or how he ended up in the desert but more importantly what is that thing on his arm and where did it come from.

This film had the potential to be  exciting and interesting and you can you see why. You have cowboys which are hugely popular and you have your aliens, again hugely popular, so why would you not combine the two and look at the result.
The result is this film was good but could have been much better as simply a cowboy film, take out all the aliens and anything to do with aliens, have this as a 3:10 to Yuma style film and it would have been much better.

The cast were excellent nothing at all wrong with this group of actors, Daniel Craig was excellent along with Ford and Wilde. Nothing at all wrong with them.

If you look at this film , take away the nonsense aliens and focus on the cowboys then you have a good film. The authenticity with films such as these is crucial and if not done properly immediately attacked and criticised and quite rightly. No this is no True Grit by any means, though this does not mean its a bad film. The Cowboy aspect was very well done and I Rockwell as the angry bartender demanding respect was well played. Indeed in interviews Mr Craig did openly say how much fun he had had on this film and making this film, you can see why why when you watch it as you do have fun watching them fight and be cowboys.

Now the Aliens, the aliens were flawed from the moment Daniel Craig’s arm weapon thing, what ever you call it lights up and starts shooting these things down from the sky. Craig and Ford then lead the rescue to get the people back, Wilde joins the race. However In those times there is not a chance in hell that a woman wearing what can only be described as a nightgown, to be allowed to ride with the men. She would have been told to stay behind and look after the wounded, SPOILERS, then it turns out she is actually from another world. Stretching it a bit aren’t we ? END SPOLERS

The aliens themselves are some one strangely built, no im not saying this because they are alien. The aliens seem to have quite hard skin so shooting and throwing spears will do some  damage but takes multiplies of both to actually kill the things.   So the aliens seem pretty well designed, however when they open their chests they have small three fingered arms, this reveals their heart. I find this to be a massive flaw, why in the name of evolution would this have happened.

Mr Ford sums up one moment brilliantly by saying, “Are you being serious” this in retort to discovering the aliens are there to steal humans gold. Yes Mr Ford we are being serious and that’s why these aliens should  not have been in this film.

Also I don’t usually make a habit of doing this but I feel I must for this, the poster tries to convince you to see this film by saying, “from the director of Iron Man” If you go to see this film because you liked Iron man and think this will be similar then don’t because it’s not. Also why on earth is Daniel Craig’s Bum the main feature of one of the posters, why ?

OVERALL*** Would have been higher but because of the aliens I can’t allow it anymore, without them it could have been a four. If your a fan of cowboys then watch up to the point that they run after the aliens. If you’re a fan of aliens, then give this one a miss.