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Yes before you start saying things like, really this film is going back some time. I know this is not a recent film, however I had never seen it so felt I should do as it’s a classic.

The Film as everyone knows stars Robert De Niro and Jodie Foster, directed of course by the great Martin Scorsese.

In this film De Niro plays a Vietnam war veteran who can not sleep so roams the streets in his Taxi. This was a slower paced film then I was expecting, I was thinking more along the lines of some who being a lot more outwardly violent towards people and more guns shots. However despite this I was not disappointed, once I had started watching this film I was pulled into the plot of the piece. The driver was fascinating to try to understand and look down the path he was heading.

It was more subtle violence, with the occasional outburst which  reminded us it was there. One point which is very clear , despite this film being made in the 70’s it is still as powerful and as interesting today.

It’s very interesting to watch this film and feel his insanity to grow, to the point where he has full conversations with himself in the mirror while he is testing out his guns.

Is there is not a single weak moment or performance in this film and its very clear to see why this is a classic.

One thing I very much enjoyed and this may sound very strange but it’s stayed in my head and made me think about how good it was afterwards. One of the biggest problems I see facing film makers is one how do I end this story for now, then how do I move from the film then go to the ending credits. Taxi Driver is the first film I have seen which does this very well, there’s no unfortunate the end or anything like that. It simply goes from the Taxi to looking out the front of the window and seeing the credits on screen, this is cleaver, simple and effective. It’s a small point in the film but one I thought worth mentioning.

The hair cut tho short lived is very effective but also well used in the respect that most things are only effective for that short time then they become the usual. The haircut is effective because we don’t have time to adjust to it.

The end scene in the block of apartments is fantastic including De Niro holding his finger to his head, thing of beauty. That whole scene is fantastic and so well done.

OVERALL ***** of course this is going to be 5 stars, this film is a classic.