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I saw a few images of this film in production and it slightly interested me, not because of Nicolas Cage as I am not a fan of his work, but as an idea which could have paid off.

Trespass stars Nicolas cage, Nicole Kidman, Cam Gigandet and Liana Liberato as well as some other actors. The basic plot is, Cage works with diamonds so naturally is a rich man and rich men people want to steal from, so a group of people break into his house and threaten his family for the money. It sounds like a good concept but it missed the point completely and had just so many flaws.

I watched this film because Kidman can act and because I wanted to see how Gigandet fared in this. So I shall start with the good points first and then add with all the things I found wrong with this film, it is a long list.

Firstly the beginning of the film sees Cage come home working on the phone, now surely you would wait to finish this conversation outside and not interrupt you family, nor have you family talk to you about your daughter going to a party while you have a presumably important business client on the phone, it does not make sense to me. It’s rude and puts the film off to a bad start.

This one is a smaller detail but seemingly bizarre that you would allow your teenage daughter to have a lock on both sides of her door and to have a key for the door, this spells out massive trust issues within the family. Unless of course your hiding diamonds in your daughter’s room which would seem a bit odd.

understandably this house contains diamonds so you would want to have a certain amount of security however and I know why they have done this as to make a point. This house has more security then fort knox and is only done I guess to prove the point that this house is hard to break into and it gets broken into , surprise.

Nicolas cage looks ridiculous in this film, though I am slightly biased against him as I have never liked him as an actor and don’t rate him. His glasses for a rich man do not suite him and look beyond old and outdated, like something brought back in time from the 70’s.

You are working in a diamond business so you can understand the need for security, fair enough but then why let people into your house so easily. The guards at the gate say they are police, oh this must be true of course, except if you were that worried about safety you would ask to see some kind of identification otherwise whats the point, just let anyone wonder in.

At the party the daughter runs away to they stereotype the teenagers so badly  it looks beyond fake.

For a couple who live together and have a daughter together there is zero chemistry between Nicolas cage and Kidman, which seems weird but is true.

The intruders use a clever tactic of having some one planted inside the house already to learn everything, which is great except they should have all their faces covered and all skin covered, so not to leave any way of tracing them back. By the end of the film they have all taken off their masks. One absolutely pointless character is the girlfriend of one of the invaders, she does not seem to do anything other than get high, take off her clothes and well that’s it. She seems like a massive liability and gets them into more trouble. Surely she would have been left behind for this.

The dynamics of the team breaking into the house are flawed and twisted and unravel as time goes on, surely who ever sent this team is was just hoping to get everyone killed, family as well.

So after that long list of bad points I give you two good points from this, Cam Gigandet was really good in this, his emotional breakdown from the steady and sure criminal to the one who losses his mind was well-played out and his chemistry with Kidman was the only believable thing about this whole film, which is saying a lot if you have seen this. He was the most convincing as well as Kidman and the daughter, which I guess is three points for three good actors.


OVERALL** two stars is pushing it and its limit, if you are a fan of Kidman or Cam Gigandet then by all means go and see this film, however it is not a good film and if I wasn’t for the chemistry and performance of these two actors then I would say just tuck this one under the carpet and walk about.