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Apologies for the large gap between my last post and this post. Not really my fault as I have had no internet for the past week or so, how annoying anway I am back now to give you people my thoughts on a film I saw called Horrible Bosses which has been getting a bit of attention in places.

This film stars Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell and Jennifer Anniston  as the bosses. Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day play the unwilling victims.

The plot goes like this the three victims wish to kill their bosses as they have had enough of being ill treated, harassed and changing the future of the company so that it harms the community. Enough is enough so they look about trying to kill their bosses with the help and guidance of Jamie Foxx’s character.

This film is funny throughout and I always find with comedies that a good way to test this out is through watching it by my lonesome self and seeing how much I laugh. I laughed a good way through this film, good sign.

Collin Farrell plays an annoying coc head constantly surrounded by hookers, he plays it very well and the best comic piece is his hair which is done into a horrible comb over which for some reason adds to his annoying demeanour and makes you side with Sudeikis character want to kill him.

Kevin Spacey is equally brilliant if not slightly more so, his mean self obsessed exterior and probably interoir as well,  again fuels your hatred for him and you give in to Jason Bateman’s character and you think yeah kill the bastard.

A refreshing point now is that all three bosses are not like this trend, Jennifer Anniston uses her feminine ways to make Charlie Day’s work place akward for him but funny for us. She is somthing of a maneater, this is a slightly more outrages duo but the fact that they go that one step more with the comedy is even funnier and greatly enjoyed. Also , and I am not just saying this because shes partly naked most of the movie, clothes or no clothes this is her best character in years.

The script was excellent though you do get the impression that it was improvised through a lot of it which actually works to great affect for them. Maybe a future guide line for comic actors.

This film most importantly relates to a very large audience who all imagine throwing their bosses through windows because their just such jerks.

Jamie foxx though he has a smaller role, plays it extremely well, to be honest I wish we had seen more of him in this, he is funny , scary and excellent comic timing. This man should be given much bigger and better roles in future, he is a rare talent in hollywood which is very under-appreciated.

The only negative thing I could think of was that the bosses where better characters then the victims, in the way that they were funnier and also had more depth as characters.

OVERALL **** This is a very funny comedy which the cast and crew can be proud of and anyone who is a fan of any of the actors mentioned above should defiantly check this film out.